This is our tribute to all the moms out there who are perfect and wonderful.  Who have this parenting thing DOWN… even if it means you re-run the dishwasher instead of emptying it.  Life is full of those moments with your kids… and then these are those other moments. You’re not alone!  Share your confessions on our Facebook wall (and many thanks to the Quirkymomma Fans who contributed these ideas). true mom confessions
  1. “Threw good tupperware away because I didn’t want to smell the week old food.” -Kristine
  2. “I threw socks away because there were too many to match and bought new ones.” -Laura
  3. “My son peed all over my back. I threw on a clean shirt, threw down a towel, and went back to bed.” -Regina
  4. “Put dirty dishes in with clean and reran the dishwasher cuz I didn’t want to unload it.” -Rae
  5. “Eaten a soggy teething biscuit my toddler handed me because I didn’t want to walk to the garbage.” -Bridgettrue mom confessions
  6. “I threw away a mixing spoon and a Rubbermaid container tonight because I didn’t want to wash them” -Jess
  7. ” Instead of picking up a chip off the floor, I step on it to go up the vacuum.” -Jennifer
  8. “I was so sick and trying to take care of my twins that I would have sippy cups and a box of cheerios out in the living room floor for breakfast just so I could lay on the couch and watch. They were about 2.” -Angi
  9. “Put dirty dishes in a box in the garage because I didn’t want to wash them before our guests arrived” -Jackie
  10. “Allowing my toddler to eat potato chips and cookies for breakfast because I am currently pregnant and really craving them that morning. Sharing is caring.” -Elle
  11. “We cooked for an entire week with foil packs and ate off leftover Christmas party paper plates” -Loreintrue mom confessions
  12. “Instead of going upstairs to check my sons room I tell him to take a pic” -Veronica
  13. “I’ve binned a few pairs of dirty knickers that my potty training daughter had accidents in” -Melissa
  14. “I told my oldest son to make popcorn for him and his brothers for dinner they were happy.” -Lauren
  15. “Fed my oldest her dinner in the tub. Two birds, one stone.” -Casey
  16. “Text my teens in the house all of the time. I think of it as the 21st century alternative to those built in room-to-room intercoms from the 70s!” -Lynn
  17. “My kids were “spitters.” They threw up ALL THE TIME. I got so tired of cleaning up the mess, I would call my dog and she would lick it up.” -Alyssa
  18. “I would put my daughter to bed in the clothes that she would wear to day care the next day so that I wouldn’t have to faff about changing her early in the morning.” -Lisamom confessions4
  19. “Flipped the pillow over to keep sleeping after breastmilk had dripped on or been spit up on it.” -Melissa
  20. “I threw away all my forks and spoons and got new ones because I didn’t feel like washing them after my sons birthday party.” -Jolisa
  21. “Unloaded just enough of the dishwasher to make the dirty plates fit and ran it again.” -Cyndi
  22. “The biggie on that list for me is getting fast food on the way home from grocery shopping.” -Joe
  23. “My husband once couldnt find a pair of clean socks for my daughter, so cut up a pair of red and purple spotty tights and sent her to school in them” -Laura
  24. “I have thrown a couple of cloth nappies out because I didnt want to clean them” -Nadia
  25. “I have a laundry chair. If my kids can’t find what they want in the drawer they look on the chair.” -Mandy

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