This Monday night, October 3rd, 9pm CST, I am joining Toni of Happy Housewife on the KOA Campfire Community to talk about kids, traveling, and ways to keep youngsters entertained for long hours in a car. In anticipation of that live chat (Oh, make my day and join us!!), we are featuring our favorite crafts recently linked up to our kid’s meme, It’s Playtime, that can be easily adapted and enjoyed while traveling. Thanks to my great co-hosts who make this weekly meme possible – Let the Children Play, Hands On: As We Grow, Messy Kids and The Imagination Tree. . crayon window art Can your child reach the window from their seats?   I know my older two, booster seated kids can.   I bet they would love a set of window crayons on our next road trip.   Thanks Mama Pea Pod for the idea! . puddles and gumboots We usually bring tape on our road trips.   You can make roads, you can “mark space” (i.e. if your feet cross this line….), and Puddles and Gum Boots uses tape to make art works.   Love them! . mermaids creations catterpillars I remember making paper coils as a kid.   This whole craft isn’t really car-friendly, but I bet your kids could have fun making and bouncing caterpillars on your trip.   Thanks Mermaids Creations. . No road trip with kids is complete without a set of I Spy Bottles.   Here are some that Happy Hooligans made with her kids. .

Do you have any great kids travel tips or activities?   I’d love to hear about them in the comments or in our live chat with the KOA Camping Community next Monday, 9pm CST.

. I hope you enjoy browsing all the other great kids activities that are linked up each week. Just a reminder: Please link back to us… and only family-friendly, kid related posts please. By linking up you are giving us permission to use your photo and feature you. .

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