Bath time has always been a favorite time of the day at my house.  And that might be surprising since I have 3 boys! I think it is partially because we started a routine when the boys were babies that we never deviated from…oh, and bath time was always fun!  Kids Activities Blog is excited to be working with Mr. Bubble because Mr. Bubble embraces our philosophy of play! bath time strategies - Kids Activities Blog

10 Ways to Make Bath Time Fun {& Easy on Mom and Dad}

Routine, Routine, Routine

I once read the advice to start how you plan to continue.  If bath time will be part of a bedtime routine, then start that even when the kids are babies.  When things are predictable and ALWAYS that way, kids don’t even consider another option.  It is when we deviate from our routine that kids start to realize they could sneak into control! Our evening routine is dinner, play, bath & then off to bed.  It has always been that way and is on auto-pilot at my house.

Encourage Independence

Giving kids the tools to clean themselves puts them in charge of doing it themselves.  Obviously, you will be there to supervise, but it is great fun for them to be able to learn to wash their body and hair independently. mr bubble - Kids Activities Blog Mr. Bubble 3in1 makes this so easy.  It is one bottle that kids can use as body wash, shampoo and conditioner.  Oh, and because it is Mr. Bubble…it is also bubbly fun!

Keep Bath Time  Simple

Store bath time toys, Mr. Bubble 3in1 and a towel within reach of the tub.  Negotiating a maze of wet footprints after bath time is never restful!  And bath time can be a calming time when everything is prepared and ready. Having an organized bathroom can help decrease tub time stress.

Sing in the Tub

Bath time is the perfect time for a family sing-along!  Kids can teach you the tunes they are learning from their friends and you can pull out a favorite camp song from your childhood.  My favorite thing is when these collide.  One of my boys started to “teach” me a song that I knew and we both ended up in giggles when I joined in and took over. Perfect pitch is not required! bath toys bath time tips - Kids Activities Blog

Bath Toys are Awesome

One of the reasons why tub toys are so great is that you really don’t have to pick them up and they don’t seem to migrate to other rooms in the house. We have a hanging mesh bag in the tub and part of the fun is at the end of bath time to put the toys in the bag and watch the “waterfall” as they drain.  You don’t have to buy something special, many kid toys are appropriate for the tub.  Once a toy gets the privilege of becoming a tub toy in my house, they stay there and are visited nightly!

One-on-One Playful Learning

Bath time is a time that your child has your undivided attention.  Use that for playful learning!  If they are learning the alphabet, grab a set of foam letters for play.  If simple math concepts are at their level, then create some silly addition activities with their tub toys. bath tips write practice Handwriting practice is much more fun using a Mr. Bubble Foam Soap “chalkboard”.  Have them smear some foam on the tile wall and use their finger as a pencil for letter and spelling practice.  It is easily erased with the palm of their hand. Learning can go beyond handwriting and into scientific exploration like this simple tub experiment.

Silly Disguises

Use the Mr. Bubble 3in1 in wet hair to create crazy hairstyles – our favorite is to see how tall we can get hair to stand on end!  The Mr. Bubble Foam Soap is perfect for making beards and other tub disguises. hide toys in the bath - kids activities blog

Peek-a-Boo & Bubble Hide-n-Seek

Younger kids will giggle while playing bubble peek-a-boo with the bonus that they are cleaning their face without realizing it! Older kids can play bubble hide-n-seek.  Take turns “hiding” bath toys in bubbles and then send each other on a treasure hunt.

Bedtime Story

It is  a challenge to get my kids OUT of the tub, but if you are planning on reading a bedtime story anyway, why not multi-task and read it while they are in the tub! If bringing books into the vicinity of the tub might be risky for a favorite read, then think about playing a story-telling game.  You start the story with one sentence or thought and take turns adding a little to the story.

Post-Bath Snuggle

After a bath, a wet kid snuggles willingly into a towel on my lap.  As a mom with older kids, I know how this is something that will eventually go away!  So, enjoy it and  try to hold the precious dripping moment for as long as you can. Mr Bubbles 3in1

Mr. Bubble at Bath Time

Mr. Bubble is such a nostalgic product.  It is something that I used as a kid and it is really fun to see how it fits so well into my family’s bath time routine. Mr Bubble Coupon You can print the $.50 coupon or share it on Facebook or Pinterest to get $1 off! Thanks so much to Mr. Bubble for sponsoring Kids Activities Blog.  Did you see our printable Bath Time Coloring pages?

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