We love streaming TV in our house, especially for the little ones because it means they can watch on a tablet – with headphones.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve collected the very best educational shows that you can stream from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.  And our sponsor Verison FiOS makes streaming TV especially wonderful with the super fast speed of  Verizon  FiOS Quantum Speed Internet.

The Very Best Educational Streaming TV for Kids

best streaming tv for kids

The Best Educational TV on Netflix

the best shows on netflix Sesame Street Numbers & Letters   Sesame Street has been teaching children for generations.  Each episode is full of letters, numbers, problem solving and so much more.  Sesame Street will always be my very favorite educational show for kids. Wild Kratts  is the perfect show for animal lovers.  Exciting stories and mix of animation and life action make for a very engrossing and educational show.  My son adores the Wild Kratts and has learned so much about the animal kingdom from watching it. The Magic School Bus  is a science buff’s dream.  This classic kids show is non stop learning fun.  Follow Ms. Frizzle and her class on all kinds of  adventures in the name of scientific discovery! Super Why!  is a great show of reading, spelling, and story comprehension.  Wyatt and his super crew make reading fun.  Your little ones  will love it! Justin Time  is a great show that teaches kids about different cultures.  Justin travels all over  and learns about the people, food, and art of many different places.  He also learns valuable moral lessons along the way. Octonauts  Creature Report! This program is cute, fun, and packed with facts about the ocean.  Your child will learn about all manner of sea life through the adventures of the Octonauts who care for them. Dinosaur Train  is a must watch for all dino lovers.  Not only is the show full of dinosaur facts, there is plenty of other science learning to be had.  It  also has lots of great social lessons such as the importance of sharing and compassion.

Educational Kid TV Shows on Amazon Prime

streaming tv for kids With an Amazon Prime membership you can stream many of the shows mentioned above as well as these three awesome programs that aren’t streaming on other services. Reading Rainbow  is a classic.  Your child will be read stories and taken on adventures.  Parents will love it for the nostalgia factor and it’s packed with educational content. Tumble Leaf  is a new show that is beautifully animated.  Each episode  has the characters going on a mission to figure out how things work.  There is lots of science to be learned along with preceding skills and problem solving. Creative Galaxy  is a great show for your budding artist.  Children learn about art concepts and techniques  in a cool interactive format.

Top Educational Shows for Kids on Hulu Plus

Word World Word World  is only streaming on Hulu Plus and it is a really great show.  It helps kids learn to read with clever animation and fun storylines. On Hulu Plus you can find many of the same programs as Netflix such as  Dinosaur Train  and  Wild Kratts 25 TV Free Activities for Kids!

Life on FiOS

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