We Quirky Mommas are on a camping kick!   A few weeks ago we played pretend camping at home, we made a tent from PVC pipes and this weekend my daughter is off to her first sleepover – and it’s going to have a camping theme!   I love watching the kids go on grand adventures in the comfort of their backyards (or livingrooms).

Camping Adventures

Here are a few other moms who helped their kids have adventures this past week.   Thanks for linking up to It’s Playtime! . playtime kids adventurePlayful Learners had her kids dress-up as characters and go on a pretend camping trip. KinderDays created a summer camp adventure in her backyard, complete with Bears, survival kits, and a base camp. No camping experience is complete without s’mores.   Craft-n-things made smores on a stick with her kids. And if Camping isn’t your thing, maybe you can create your own resort to visit.   The Chadwick Family went glamping in the beachy land of Gond. Many thanks to one of our blog’s sponsors – KOA’s Around the Campfire Community – if you like camping we’d love to have you join in the conversation! .

Do you have any home adventures?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments or on our facebook page.   Leave a link of your favorite activity.

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