Make your own refillable paint brushes.  Painting can be a messy venture with preschoolers – which is why I was elated to discover this craft hack!

You can transform the reusable food pouches, like these from Little Green Pouches, into painting pens.  Thanks Little Green Pouch  (Kids Activities Blog sponsor) for sending us replacement packs, we love adding more pouches to our stash!

low mess painting pouch from green pouch

Little Green Pouches are Reusable

We love making our own baby food and the Little Green Pouch packs are a great solution for busy moms who want to make their tots food.

Mash up the meals and fill the pouches.  The pouches are freezable, washable, reusable – with a lid you can screw back on making them terrific on-the-go.

make a painting brush

Reusable Pouches can be Refilled

So we’ve loved them with our tots, but as our kids get older we have found a new reason to love these Little  Green Pouches…


They are genius – transform these pouches into self-filling paint brushes.

make a refillable paint brush

Grab some old sponges and a clean Little Green Pouch.  Cut the sponges into french-fry sized strips.  We wanted our strips to be roughly 2-3 inches long – these will be the “brushes” for your paint pouch.  Stick the sponges into the nozzle of the pouch.  You want the end of the sponge to stick out as a tip.  If its not too far in there you should be able to screw the lid back on.  That makes these terrific if you are averse to mess (and what momma isn’t?)!

Fill the pouch with your paint.

Zip it shut.


You can paint.  If you are having problems getting paint to come out of the nozzle, try wetting the sponge first.  We have found that it gets gunky between uses.  Starting with a pre-wet brush helps.

Little Green Pouch Coupon Code

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Thanks again Little Green Pouch  for sponsoring Kids Activities Blog.  We love your product.

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