Craft Kits: A Creative Gift Idea for Kids (& a giveaway!!)

Are you looking for gift ideas for creative kids – these kits are perfect!   Green Kid Crafts is a company that is mom-made and mom-run, and you can tell!   They understand kids and are spot-on with instructions.   Our kids love the variety and textures of the supplies included in the kits.   Congrats to April who won a subscription to Green Kids Crafts.   Go like Green Kids Crafts on Facebook and tell us about your love of crafts in the comments!   Green Kid Crafts is offering a deal just for QM readers – a special offer of one month of free craft kits (3 sustainable craft kits – a $15 value). Just subscribe to ANY of craft subscriptions and you can get one extra month added for free automatically. Be sure to mention “quirky momma” in the online ordering instructions. Deal expires September 14th.
fish card confetti craft
What is Green Kid Crafts? It is a subscription service where they will send a packet of crafts each month.   Inside the packet are all of the items needed to do the various crafts (except glue, scissors & markers).   You get a total of 3 inspirational and diverse crafts in each packet.   I just love the fact that all of the items in the kits are kid-friendly, earth-friendly, and safe… and many of the kits had a cultural application.
kits from Green Kids Crafts
They have tons of different crafts, so these may not be the ones that your kids get to enjoy, but I know that if your kit is anything like mine, you won’t be disappointed.   The kits we   got to play and create with were filled with paper confetti (a huge hit with the girls), a variety of fabrics, papers, feathers, jewels, buttons, ribbons and felt.   It was great how the various crafts
Eagle man kit

The instructions were detailed, but left room for kids to develop and add their own personal touches.   For my son, the “Great Horned Owl” craft became the Great Owl Man when my son decided he’d rather have a beard than a beak – silly fella.   Exposure to lots of different textures really helps develop fine motor skills!

Fine Motor Skills
Thanks Green Kids Crafts for sending us crafts to review. We enjoyed our Green Kid Craft Subscription – and hope you will too! Go visit this week’s sponsor, like them on facebook (click here) and tell us about your love of crafts for a chance to win your own subscription!   Share this contest via facebook or twitter – for extra entries.   Winner will be chosen Monday, randomly.


  1. I “liked” them! My crafty kids would be in heaven if we won! We do a craft as a family every morning after breakfast.

  2. What a cool idea! I think one of these would be a great gift for a friend’s kid’s upcomming birthday. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are some really cool crafting supplies- love the mask! LOL. I love crafting because it gives my toddler and I a way to bond, and to talk about colors and shapes. And she loves that she can make any artistic choice – and be right:)

    I liked Green Kids Crafts on Facebook!

  4. I liked them. We are alwayslooking for craft projects at my house. Love your fish.

  5. when my 3 year old granddaughter is over for a visit, crafts are our favorite activity! I know she would be very excited if she received a craft kit!

  6. To be truthful, my kids love crafts more than me! I have issues with messes. Painting is the favorite activity around here.

  7. My boys LOVE to do crafts and new ideas would be awesome!

  8. WOW,that’s a really great idea.It looks like fun 🙂
    xx Tanja

  9. Jennifer Hatfield says:

    This is such a great idea! Love it 😉

  10. I have two little boys who would greatly enjoy these crafts! I would love the help in being creative too! =)

    missylovsjesus at yahoo dot com

  11. My 5 year old and I love to do crafts and hopefully her younger sister will grow to love it too.

  12. nice…and funny!! I’ll have baby in few days…maybe I’ll begin in making for him, then we’ll do togheder…

  13. Lot’s of great tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Liked Green Kids Crafts on facebook!
    My goal this school year is to do more crafts and art projects with my 3 year old – this would be so fantastic!

  15. My kids love to craft. It’s great family time! This membership is neat because it takes away from time wasted by me having to come up with new craft ideas.

  16. My girls and I have been doing green crafts for a while. I think it makes budget sense and they never know the difference. We will be trying your mask craft.

  17. Samantha C. says:

    I definitely need to do more crafts with my kids because they absolutely love them!

  18. I would love to win a 3 month subscriptio. I have a going green blog and this would be a great add to the blog.

  19. Such an adorable selection of craft ideas you have shared with this kit! As a former preschool/elementary teacher, I know the importance of being able to use various textures and materials to engage students and help them build fine motor skills. Now as a homeschool mom of 3 I can enjoy this type of quality craft kit with my little ones and watch their imaginations soar! Thanks for being sensitive to state your directions in a way that little ones can handle. Thanks for the giveaway! Rebecca

  20. Ruthie J. says:

    Great giveaway prize! I’m sure it will provide hours of fun and learning to the winner. Thanks for the chance!

    [email protected]

  21. I soooooooooooooooooo need this for my almost 3 year old!!! He loves crafts and I’m just out of ideas!

  22. Mary Ann Pace says:

    I never know how it feels to be a playful kid. My childhood is such a blur to me. So maybe if I’d get the giveaway I’ll just give it to my niece…

  23. Stephanie says:

    I like them on FB – what a great idea. It’s fabulous to have crafts and activities to do with my busy toddler. This would be terrific!

  24. How adorable! Teach me how to be crafty!! My girls are better at it then me!


  25. You have so many cute FUN idea’s!!! I love ’em!
    Connie G
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  26. What a great idea! I love it. It would help me entertain my toddler when my newborn arrives in a few weeks.

  27. I think this would be lots of fun for me and my one and a half year old little girl to do!

  28. I love crafts but I have a problem with messes and not having all of the supplies needed. These kits are such a great idea! (I liked them on FB too!)

  29. Oh my but this would be groovy to win…I do arts and crafts with under-privileged kids and this would soo come in handy…especially seeing as all finances come out of my own pocket…hehe I liked them on FB *Jennifer C.*…[email protected] dotcom

  30. Melissa Ringsted says:

    We would so enjoy this! I adore doing crafts with my daughter! With money tight we’ve been using household items 🙂 I’m now a FB fan too!

  31. I love doing crafts with the kids. It’s a great activity that is bonding and fun. It’s a good alerternative to television and it’s very rewarding for the child to see a cool project that he/she made. Would love to win!

  32. Wow, these look like so much fun! I know my preschooler will love them, and my older kids will enjoy them as well! Would LOVE to have a chance to win this!

  33. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

    My children LOVE craft time and with their birthdays fast approaching this would be the perfect gift for them. This would also be perfect since I am the Art Docent for my children’s Kinder class and I am always looking for new, fun craft activities to do with the class.

    Thank you again!!!


  34. I also ‘liked’ Gree Kids Crafts on Facebook. My FB name is Stacy Bell Molter.

    Thank you again!

  35. I love crafting now., thanks for this wonderful idea for Halloween.

  36. I love doing crafts with my kids… and your site is a wealth of information and ideas! My preschooler and 4th grader love crafting. We have a huge bin full of craft supplies and they spend hours coming up with creations 🙂 Great contest!

  37. Too cute! I know I will love them (and so will the toddler). Would love to try out the felt (torn felt) like medium. It looks so cuuuute! Will be clicking on FB page too :)!

  38. this would be awesome to win! My kids and I love doing craft! Ive liked them on facebook!

  39. My daughter immediately said, “I want to do that!” I love the look of these crafts, my daughter is the perfect age to start projects like this and I couldn’t have waited any longer. I’m an avid crafter myself and I’ve taken too long a break from it. This is such a great idea!

  40. Wow! I super love it. I know my nieces and nephews would love to win this too. Our weekend is usually our bonding time through crafting. The sad thing is that were now miles apart. So if ever I won then I’ll send the craft items to them.

  41. by the way I like Green Kids Crafts on Facebook as Yannie Pa

  42. We love crafts at home! I have two boys who would love this.

  43. Liked ’em on facebook! And we LOVE crafts at our house – my 4yo is always in the mood for them, and I love having kits available that are ready and easy to use at a moment’s notice.

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  44. Jenni Wiles says:

    What a great idea!!! Liking on facebook as Jenni Wiles

  45. I “liked” Green Kid Crafts on Facebook. I love to craft and so does my preschooler. I finally get to use the craft materials I have been saving for 15 years when we make things together!

  46. I like the sponsor on facebook

    My daughter loves crafts, and this sounds fantastic. I love crafts too, and I like it being easy!!

  47. We love to do crafts with my son and always looking for more ideas, this would be great!

  48. Kelly Graham says:

    We camp seasonally and at the campgound there are crafts every weekend, which the kids love. The lady who does the crafts is always looking for great ideas and with the help of this site we have come up with some wonderful new ideas that cover a wide age range. We now not only have some happy kids, we now have a wide range of happy kids. It’s great to see more kids getting involved and parents too.

    Thank you,
    Pleasant Campers at Pleasantview Campgound!

  49. I homeschool my 8 yr. old daughter and 3 yr. old son & we love to make all sorts of crafts as part of the daily curriculum in order to bring out the individualism within each of us as a practice of self – growth & creation through the talents given us and to help recycle things we already own from thrift store finds, etc. into beautiful works of art.

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