5 small steps for momkind

If you know me, you know I am not a resolutions-type gal.  It just requires so much planning…and follow through.


But, I have been getting older every year.


And every year that happens, things just seem to start falling apart.

The thing that is hard for me to accept is that despite getting older, I have control over how I feel.  It kinda takes the excuses away.

All this self-realization and emotional group hugging has brought me to..

5 Healthy Things It Would Not Kill Me to Improve

5 Healthy Things that Wouldn’t Kill Me to Improve

  1. Make a list– I am not a list maker, but that means I am a wake up in the middle of the night and worrier.  Waking up in the middle of the night decreases sleep.  Decreased sleep makes me grumpy.  I have found that if something is on a list that I am actively crossing items off of, it decreases my worry over it.
  2. Drink water in the morning– I notice that I consume 90% of the water I drink after 2 pm.  That coincides with my “no more caffeine after 2 pm or I won’t sleep {see #1 above}” rule.  Coincidence?   I love a few cups of coffee in the morning and a soda at lunch.  Instead of banning the things I love, when I dilute it with a glass of water first thing in the morning it seems like I end up drinking less coffee and soda because I am not as thirsty.
  3. Take a walk– My husband and I have been taking a walk nearly every evening for 30 minutes.  It is good exercise, but it is also a really good time just to chat uninterrupted.  Win-win.
  4. Eat more fancy salads– I love a fancy salad.  Pile nuts, fruit and a lovely dressing on anything green and I am in heaven.  I eat them in restaurants all the time, but hadn’t been doing it at home.  AND it is easy!  So 2013 is the year of the fancy DIY salad for me.
  5. Go to Yoga– I just feel better when I am regularly going to yoga, yet it is something I let slip when I got busy.  The first thing I cut from my schedule.  I need to go back.  I want to go back.  I will call and get a class schedule today.

What is on your 5 Things to improve list?

Quaker Popped Snacks

When I was contacted to write about these things for  Quaker ® Popped, my boys were so excited to go to the grocery store and try all the flavors that we don’t regularly buy.  I love when they throw themselves fully into my blog research!

We had been buying the cheddar cheese and kettle corn flavors, but grabbed the ranch, caramel corn and cracked black pepper and sea salt.  The response in my house was overwhelmingly positive and all my “research” was devoured within the first 24 hours.

Quaker Popped

It appears we will be trying all the flavors we can find...in the name of continued “research”.

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