One thing I don’t EVER want to forget are the silly things that my kids say. It is one of the reasons I blog.   It has become our family’s scrapbook.   So when Ovaltine {some of my fav people} contacted me about Quotagraph, I was super excited and made a bunch immediately! Quotagraph is place where you can take your child’s words and turn them into something you can share. second stomach for dessert quotagraph OvaltineOnce you have added your child’s words, you can choose several fun templates. do not believe in ponies quotagraph from OvaltineAnd then you can share your masterpiece on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. or download it to your computer. never full until the pancakes are gone quotagraph You can also look through the Quotagraphs created by other parents.   I found myself giggling at the cuteness of it all. And as if that isn’t enough Ovaltine fun for one day, check out my right sidebar for an EXCLUSIVE limited supply coupon for Ovaltine savings. Shhhh…don’t tell Ovaltine that I have printed out a few for myself since my boys go through Ovaltine in direct proportion to milk. Ovaltine I am super excited to be working again with Ovaltine.   They are on my favorite things list and a treat that my boys beg for daily. All opinions expressed are my own. Hurry and print out your Ovaltine coupon ASAP!  

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  1. That program sounds great. I love quotes….especially from the kiddos…. I keep a notebook full of my favorite ones but this way would be so much prettier…I may even print one of the quotes out and then frame it next to the “author”s picture….