10 Products that will Help You Smile

During this time of year, I seem to be busier and on-the-go.  Whether it be a family vacation, marathon shopping trip or an evening out with friends, there are times when this work-from-home girl is not at home!

Invisalign {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} has challenged me to find some of my best holiday beauty tips and since I have no business telling anyone how to put on make-up or do their hair, I thought it would be fun to find some portable products that can help us all smile during this festive season.

I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board which included complementary Invisalign treatment for myself.

10 Products to help your smile

Products to Help You Smile

Several of these things are products that I can’t live without and some I can’t wait to try.  I admit to being an invention junkie – always excited about finding something new to try!

Xylitol Lollipops – This “candy” is sugar free, gluten free, GMO free, kosher, vegan and safe for diabetics because it is made 100% from Xylitol from Birch which helps defend against cavities.

Toothpaste Tablets – Toothpaste tablets?  Doesn’t that come in tubes?  Nope!  These are chewable, not liquid or paste, which means they are very portable.  You simply chew, brush and go!

Toothbrush Sanitizer on the Go – If you are someone that has a toothbrush in your bag, then this is the perfect solution for keeping it clean.  The compact design is about the same size as most travel cases, but with one push of a button a 7 minute cleaning cycle begins.

Invisalign or Retainer Custom Carrier – I carry my Invisalign case wherever I go, but it is a bit plain.  These funky paci pods are the perfect size for Invisalign trays or a place to store a retainer.  Because they are made for pacifiers, the lining is anti-microbial.  There are three patterns that I can’t live without another day!

Disposable Mini-brushes with built-in paste – My husband uses these Wisp packs all the time.  He has a stash of them in the glove compartment of our car.  They are quick and easy for on-the-go teeth “brushing”.

Denture Cleaner for those without dentures – I use denture cleaner tablets on my Invisalign trays every morning.  I drop them into the fizzy water and leave them while I make coffee.  About 3 minutes is the perfect amount of time for my trays to be sparkling clean!

Easy to Use Soft-Picks – If you are like me and find flossing a coordination challenge, then this is an easier way to clean between your teeth.  These little picks remind me of soft Christmas trees that brush in places a toothbrush could never fit.

Invisalign, Retainer or Mouth Guard Wipes – I just found this one!  These are wipes perfect for cleaning trays after removing them when rinsing them may not be an option.

Breakfast Floss – This one will make you giggle.  It is floss flavored like our favorite breakfast items – coffee, waffles and bacon.

Mouthwash that is Organic & Natural – This refreshing mouthwash freshens breath without abrasives or irritating chemicals.  Sea salts, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera, cinnamon among other ingredients do it all naturally.

BONUS #11:  Invisalign – I am a 44 year old mom who is wearing Invisalign braces.  Because I wore traditional braces many years ago in my teens, I know the significant difference between the two!  What I love best about Invisalign is how non-invasive into my daily life they are.  Because I can take them out, they are never limiting what I can do or eat (which is very important with all the good food during the holidays}.  They just keep straightening my teeth and improving my smile.  Even if you have been told in the past you are not an Invisalign candidate, I would check out the steps to straight teeth first!

Don’t make your teeth  {and breath} pay for your overloaded schedule this holiday season!  Find the products you need to keep a smile on your face.

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