Dr Seuss Day Party

March 2nd is  Dr Seuss  birthday! Are you planning a party?

Dr Seuss wrote some of the most beloved children’s books around. Many parents use his birthday to celebrate the books their children love with some special activities, crafts and food. *This post contains affiliate links

Dr Seuss party ideas

Seuss Snacks

Cat in the hat & thing 1 & 2 cupcakes – These are so much fun to make, they are sure to be the talk of any party!

The fish bowl –  Use Jello and Swedish fish to make these adorable fish bowls. Perfect for a cat in the hat party OR one fish two fish red fish blue fish.

Pink Yink Drink  – From one of our favorite of Dr Seuss’ books. This pink yink drink is perfect for the kids who like to drink and drink and drink!

Muffin tin tray –  If your kids don’t like their food touching this is the perfect way to make them happy and keep with the Seuss theme! So many awesome ideas for snacks and  dips!

One fish two fish marshmallow pops – These have the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. They look adorable as decorations on your Seuss-tastic snack table and they make an awesome mini dessert for your little ones too.

Green {deviled} eggs and ham  – I do so like green eggs! These are adorable and tasty! Green eggs don’t have to be a bad thing, and your kids will probably find these as adorable as ours did!

Seuss straws  – These will look adorable in little glasses. The stripes make any drink more fun (especially if it’s the yink drink from earlier).

Dr Seuss birthday party suppliesShop for fun Dr. Seuss Party Activities and Supplies

Dr Seuss Activities

Fox in socks games!  – There are so many fun games to try out, our favorite was the matching socks activity that allows kids to draw and copy other images.

The shape of me and other stuff – Make faded craft paper using things you already have around your house! Kids are amazed by this one!

Hop on Pop – Work on gross motor skills and letter recognition! As your kids hop around the house from word to word.

10 apples up on top – Simple learning math activity using milk-jug caps! Save the cap each time you run out of milk and you’ll soon have enough for this adorable Dr Seuss apple activity.

10 apples up on top playdough activity  – Make your own figurines so they look like each of your kiddos and then allow them to stack playdough “apples” on their own characters to see who can balance the most. Counting and fine motor skills all in one!

Hat word games – Make your own cat in the hat – hats with these fun sight words. Stack them in rows based on their letter sounds. This can be as simple or advanced as your child’s reading ability!

Rhyming Sensory bin –  This is another  Seuss themed activity  that can be for kids of all ages. The littles can enjoy the sensory aspect of the bin, feeling the different textures and exploring colors. The older kids can find matching rhyming words from their favorite books, as they dig through the rice.

Dr Seuss inspired activities and food

Dr Seuss Crafts

Cat in the hat toilet paper rolls  – Recycle those old TP rolls into these adorable cat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 figurines. The best part is you can glue your child’s faces onto the puppets and make them personalized!

DIY paper cat in the hat!  – Make your own beloved top hat with this adorable tutorial. Kids love wearing silly hats and the one that looks just like their favorite cat’s is the most fun!

Flip flop craft– Make these adorable flip flop puppet, inspired by the foot book! Learn about feet, and have fun with this Seuss craft  in the process.

Handprint Lorax  – Get crafty with a bit of paint and your child’s hand.    We love the mustache on these Lorax crafts!


Dr Seuss Costumes

Dress up like the Cat – You can snag his  hat  and his  bowtie  to make your own perfect Seuss costume! Kids can wear them to a party or just around the house. Hours of fun!

Need a more subtle way to show your love for Dr Seuss? This Green eggs and Ham shirt is super fun! And no huge hat required.

Dr Seuss birthday party supplies

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If you are looking for more fun, try these  12 cat in the hat activities!  They will keep your kids busy for a long time.

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