We have triplets.  They are three and we are doing preschool at home with them this year.  It is so much fun watching them learn and explore the world with the enthusiasm that only tikes can have! This week “for school” we have been learning all about frogs with the help of Ivy Kids Activity Box {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}.  This one subscription box for kids kept my kiddos  engaged and learning for a full week. Pssst…watch below for a coupon code for 20% off! activity box from Ivy kids

What is Ivy Kids?

Ivy Kids is a monthly subscription box for kids.  Every month you will get a different theme to study with your kids.  This month it was Frogs.  Next month it might be based on Monkeys or a Mouse.  Your kids will be engaged! Each box is based on standards from the NAEYC.  Everything you need to learn and play together are included in the box from glue to scissors to bookmarks.  This kit has it all – and it is organized nicely with each activity in a different bag. Ivy Kids learning boxes are perfect if you are a preschool teacher and need stations to grab.  The kit said it was designed for ages 3-8, but from my kids playing, it seems that two year olds who are past the putting-things-in-their-mouth stage would be really interested.  The activities are geared for the preschool/Kindergarten child.

Ivy Kids Subscription Box for Kids

In our kit, we got the book, Jump, Frog, Jump, by Robert Kalan.  This is a great book for kids who are developing literacy.  There are a number of sight words – if you read it to your preschooler every day for the week, by the end your kids should be able to recognize some of the words. frog activity box from Ivy Kids Kits Along with the book we got a set of craft stick paper puppets.  My kids used these to reenact the story after we  read it.  It showed me that they did comprehend the dilemmas that frog found himself in and were able to predict what he might do to escape. You can make a frog habitat with the help of play dough.  What type of world do frog’s live in? You can feed your frog bugs.  First they made a paper cup frog, then they took turns with tweezers feeding the frog different insects.  Included in the IVY pack is a factual book that tells your kids all about the way frogs live. frog activity kit for kids Your kids can pretend they are frogs and jump from pad-to-pad. They can play alphabet letter games, and games to help them learn to count and put numbers in order.  They can also work on identifying their alphabet letters.  They can sing the 5 Speckled Frogs song – along with finger puppets they can wear to act it out as they sing. By the end of the week, there were still activities in the kit we hadn’t done!  The kids are looking forward to making their frog paper bag puppet. ivy kids subscription kit for kids - Kids Activities Blog

Ivy Kids Subscription as a Gift

IVY Kids Kits would make a terrific Christmas gift to a family who is looking for ways to play with  their preschoolers while learning. All of the activities are simple, engaging and easy to do with your kids.

Ivy Kids Coupon Code

New subscribers receive 20% off their first kit with promo code:  IVY20 Oh!  And all past Ivy Kids Kits are now 10% off through December 31, 2014. A great big thank you to Ivy Kids for supporting Kids Activities Blog and sponsoring this post.

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