so we named him samantha

We were pretty set in our ways by the time we FINALLY were pregnant.

three boysMarried 9 years.

Both had good careers.

Lovely 4 bedroom home.

Our master plan was set despite a several year pause in the pregnancy timeline.

One of those bedrooms was waiting for the appropriate nursery decorations…


It wouldn’t be too girly, more a tomboy-type room.  

Denim, red gingham and lots of western-inspired fringe.  

Of course we were going to have a girl!   We were going to name her Samantha!   We were going to call her Sam!

In 9 years of marriage, it hadn’t even OCCURRED to us that we might have a boy.

Samantha was in the master plan.

We were caught completely off-guard at the Ultrasound when Samantha turned out to be a boy.

A boy?

We needed to come up with a suitable name for a BOY.

After 6 months of arguing, the only boy name we could agree on was RYAN.   But in all that arguing we did come up with a name for our second born {in the VERY unlikely situation we ended up with TWO boys}, we liked how Ryan and Reid sounded together.

Ryan was born.

Two years later we found out that Samantha was not a suitable name for our second child.

6 months later Reid was born.

Samantha had one more chance.   A few years later we were pregnant with #3.   I knew it was a boy.   My husband was in denial until he sat next to the Ultrasound screen.   I didn’t even have to ask.   He took one look and reflexively his head fell to his hands.

We are out of boy names.

The thought of 6 months of arguing over another boy name exhausted my husband.

I was thrilled with the thought of a third boy.   I was willing to put in the work.   He gave me these guidelines:

  • It can’t be really popular.
  • It can’t be too unusual.
  • You need to be able to pronounce it when you see it.
  • You need to be able to spell it when you hear it.
  • It can’t be biblical.
  • It needs to start with R.

And so the name OBVIOUSLY had to be Rhett.

We agreed without debate.

6 months later Rhett joined Ryan and Reid.

And as for Samantha?   Despite our master plan, she just never showed up...

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