It’s almost New Year’s, which means it’s time for a  firework craft.  It’s also time to start thinking about  resolutions,  so why not put the 2 together in one awesome craft? Firework Craft

Fingerprint Firework Craft

Part 1: Create the Firework

  1. Trace a plate on a sheet of paper to make a nice circle.
  2. Cut pizza slices out of the circle leaving what looks like a bunch of spider legs or fingers coming from the center.
  3. Put a few drops of paint on a paper plate and let each member of your family pick a different color of paint to add to the firework. Then, use your fingerprints to stamp until the fireworks are full!
Firework Crafts Alternative option: If you have a child who isn’t ready to get his/her hands messy, try these  rolled fireworks  from The Realistic Mama.

Part 2: Add Your Resolutions

Flip it over and the back is ready for your resolutions! Each finger of the firework is the perfect spot to write your goal for the New Year! You can choose to share one firework for the whole family or make individual ones for each person in your family. I just love staying up ˜til midnight, looking back over the past year and making my list of resolutions and goals for the new one, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, so here are a few thoughts to help: For Baby  –  No age is too little  to start making goals and creating dreams.
  • Create a fun list of things you want to accomplish with your little one this coming year.
Toddler/Preschooler  – This is such a fun age because they are full of imagination and they know how to dream big!
  • It’s ok if they put huge goals {what we would consider impossible tasks} on their list. Don’t we all?
  • Help them add a couple of realistic goals to their list that they can accomplish quickly to help them  build their confidence.
  • This might be a great opportunity to talk about chores and family responsibilities.   You can encourage small things like starting to  dress themselves, etc., but remember to keep it fun since it is their resolution firework.
  • If you’re at the  potty training  age, this might be a great way to make it their goal and their accomplishment, rather than you constantly pushing them! But again remember, it’s their list of resolutions so you can suggest it but they might not take you up on it.
  • Keep it fun! Getting ice cream with mom is a perfect resolution, too!
School Age Kids  – They can be in charge of creating their own list.
  • Remember: Don’t have expectations for their resolutions! Allow them to be creative. Some kids might only come up with one resolution while others will be over flowing with ideas. Some kids might have all their resolutions on one subject while another is all over the place. There is no right or wrong way to do this.
Parents ™ List  – A list your kids can watch you complete.

More Fun Fingerprint Craft Ideas From Kids Activities Blog

Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board,  Activities with Kids  and fill your resolutions with lots of projects to do together over the coming year {and while you’re there don’t forget to follow us, too}!

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