Let’s admit, eating carrots for a snack is not something that majority of kids would do. Not to mention eating carrots as a treat. How about making a sweet AND healthy treat for your kiddos with carrots? Wait! It gets even better. It’s fast, easy and it doesn’t require baking or cooking. Plus, this is a great opportunity to teach your child what foods start with letter c as well. Let’s make Carrot Balls! carrot snack balls no bake Have you ever ate a carrot cake and didn’t even tell it had carrots in it? Well, these homemade carrot balls are the same. You (especially KIDS) won’t be able to tell what’s in it, so use this opportunity and put the healthiest things that kids would normally wouldn’t eat.

Ingredients for your carrots balls

1. 3-4 Shredded carrots (not cooked) 2. 3/4 cup of your favorite nuts (we used sunflower seeds, because of the allergies) 3. 7 dried figs (use your favorite fruit or anything you have on hand) 4. 1/4 cup honey 5. 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 6. Some spices (we love cinnamon and cocoa). These are optional. carrot balls

Make the Carrot Balls

1. Put half cup of shredded coconut aside (we will use them for coating the balls) 2. Put all ingredients into the food processor and let it do its magic for 2 minutes. 3. The mixture should be thick enough to form the balls. That’s where you can ask kids to help. They will love it. 4. Roll the carrot balls into the shredded coconuts that you reserved. 5. Refrigerate overnight (or at least for few hours) before eating. carrot balls make These carrots balls have been very popular in our house last few months. They are go-to treat in the afternoon. I usually double the batch, freeze half of it and keep the other in the fridge. Warning! They go fast. And the best part about it, I like it. They are so healthy, I don’t mind if they eat the whole batch at one sitting. BAM! And that’s how you make your kids eat carrots. carrot balls Keep in mind these carrot ball snacks are very customizable. You can   throw in them whatever you have/like. Here are few ideas:
  • as an extra extra treat you can even roll those balls and coat them with shredded chocolate or even srpinkles
  • you can put peanut butter inside (not too much though)
  • you can use any dried fruit you love. We tried figs, raisins and dates
I hope you and   the kids will enjoy these healthy carrot snacks. carrot balls snack

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