For a fun rainy day activity with your kids, make a wrapping paper roll light saber! After birthdays, my son waits for  this craft since we have plenty of recyclable material to use.  With a bit of luck, we have enough material to make more than one lightsaber so he can have them in a variety of colors. Wrapping Paper Roll Light Saber

(video tutorial)

What You Need to Make Wrapping Paper Roll Light Sabers:

  • Wrapping paper rolls
  • Tissue paper (green, red, blue, purple)
  • Tin foil or black/grey construction paper
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • One or more little Star Wars fans
Wrapping Paper Roll Light Saber - Pieces

To Make a Wrapping Paper Roll Light  Saber:

  • Lay a sheet of tissue paper along the wrapping paper roll, aligning it with one end.
  • Tape the edge of the paper to the roll, then roll it forward tightly.  Secure the top edge with several pieces of tape.
  • Cut a piece of tin foil or dark construction paper that will cover the non-tissue paper end and roll it around the wrapping paper roll, securing with tape.
  • Use a strip of tape to seal the seam where the foil meets the tissue paper to pretend tearing.
  • Unleash the children to battle the Dark Side!
Wrapping Paper Roll Light Saber Step by StepDo your kids love Star Wars too?  Check out these amazing Star Wars inspired toilet roll characters or DIY pool noodle light sabers for more fun themed crafts!

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