Potlucks are on MondaysYep. It is Monday and Monday brings Potluck with 23.9866666% consistency.   Go ahead and check my math. So what will this week’s potluck bring? I haven’t a clue…let’s get started so we both can find out. when Holly writes elsewhere potluckActually, I haven’t written much of anything… Board games for familiesWell, actually I added photos and did a little blogger-style editing to blog-Stedman’s series on the top board games for families over at Quirky Momma – we are up to #2! Oh!   I thought of something else I wrote this week! tooth brush challengeI have joined in on the fun with the Listerine ® Healthy Habits for A Lifetime Oral Care Challenge {over at She is Dallas} and hope that by the end of the month, our dentist will be super proud of all of us. Oh, ya!   I thought of one more thing… kids bathroomI gave a peek {over at Quirky Momma} into one of my kid bathrooms.   What you see above are the plastic roofing panels I used as wall covering…so much fun! Well, I guess I wrote more than I thought this week! holly is living better through pinterestA few weeks ago I decided that I needed to coordinate all the grits recipes I was pinning…so why not a grits board? And so it happened. Yep, every girl needs a Grits board! And for my dear Kid Blogger friends from the UK…grits are white hominy made from corn and YOU need to try those recipes ASAP. I am on Pinterest here. potluck storytime with HollyI am really excited about today because it begins a TOTAL overhaul of the organization of my house. Oh ya. My whole life I have moved every year or two…or three.   That process of moving {although painful} creates an organic clutter clearing. We have lived in this house for nearly 7 years. *gasp* It sets a record for the longest I have ever lived anywhere.   In fact, it broke that record 4 years ago…so really it has DOUBLED the previous record. And my closets, cupboards, attic and garage tell the tale. There is literally twice what needs to be in there.   It makes me shudder.   It is too much to do by myself.   I would just sit down and cry in the overwhelmingness of it all.   I have called in a reinforcement with a history of not running when opening my fridge on the verge of rot-ation. Of course, I will be photographing everything.   Cuz I am a blogger.   And I took that oath. What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?Well? What is it?
  • a unopened package of 250 paper clips because the previous 250 mysteriously disappeared
  • a hand-held punch for the letter “L”
  • 1/2 of a weirdly colored banana
Happy Monday!   May your day be normally colored…

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