Today we are stepping outside of the kids’ activities realm to look at a kid bathroom design. When you think of it, the bathroom does hold a LOT of kids’ activities! I want to take you through the planning stages of the bathroom and highlight where one of Quirky Momma’s sponsors, Lowes, played a big part! kid bathroom inspiration paintingThis is where it all started. It is a oil painting that my grandmother painted over 50 years ago.   It is the inspiration for the bathroom and the colors.   I wanted to have a bit of a nautical theme without being too literal. When I found the tile, I knew I had EXACTLY what I wanted. kid bathroom tile - bubbleIt is the prettiest bubble tile in sea foam green and blue.   It is just perfect for what I wanted to accomplish in the bathroom. The tile was too expensive to use everywhere, so I chose to use it only around the sink and the tub/shower is tiled in basic white 4×4 laid in a subway pattern {which is the cheapest thing I could find}.   A simple one shelf vanity bench was topped with the special bubble tile. kid bathroom sink with bubble tileAhhhh…I love that tile! The bathroom facets, light fixture and towel hooks are all simply chrome chosen for a timeless feel. But what to do with the walls? I really liked the white walls, against white tile and white accents.   It makes it feel light and airy despite no natural light source. But it did seem a little plain. And that is when I took a trip to Lowes for some additional inspiration. What could I use to decorate the walls, yet still keep it easy to clean? I knew I had found exactly what I needed when I came across these… lowes plastic roofing panelsThese were labeled “Mtl. Roof Gavalume 3′ x 8′ 5 rib 29G”, but not all of them were metal.   There were several metal types, but the ones that caught my eye were the clear ones.   The panels were $25.66. I had seen the galvanized metal panels used in western-themed decor, but thought that the clear ones could be adapted into almost ANY decor. My next stop was at Lowes’ paint center. paint screenshot from lowes.comI chose what I thought was closest to the green and the blue in my bubble tiles. And here is where I need to make a disclaimer, unlike my grandmother, I am NOT an artist.   I did think what I had in mind could be free-hand painted by almost anyone.   Maybe even a child! I painted rows of waves alternating blue and green from the bottom of the floor up to a chair-rail height. The plastic panels were cut down to cover the painted area and trimmed in place. kid bathroom paint behind plastic panelsThis is the small wall behind the door. All the walls were covered.   Since the bathroom is small, it didn’t take very much material or paint. kid bathroom wavy wall closeupI like how it really is a wavy wall.   No matter what I had painted underneath, there would be a sense of texture and movement around it. The other good thing is that it is plastic so it is easily cleaned. kid bathroom wavy wall with towelThis is the wall across from the toilet with the towel hooks above. The translucence of the plastic roofing panels mirrors the glass bubble tile working together to keep the room light despite the infusion of color. kid bathroom design finalA few baskets, a new rug, two small shelves were added and mission accomplished. A beachy bathroom fit for kids of all ages. Quirky Momma is part of the Lowes Creator Network.   We received a gift card to cover the cost of a bathroom make-over.   Thanks Lowes!

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  1. This is beautiful. I especially love the tile. Makes me want to redo our bathroom asap. We are HUGE Lowes fans at our house.