a very clean potluck

Potlucks are on MondaysIt is Monday.

Let the Potluck begin…


I don’t even know where to get started today.   I am in a Monday fog of potluck-y-ness.

Let’s start elsewhere just for fun today!

when Holly writes elsewhere potluckWho doesn’t like a volcano?

Well, to clarify it is a small homemade version – Make a volcano.

I know I don’t cook much, but this was too fun to pass up…

We made Hardtack after visiting the Texas Civil War Museum!

potluck storytime with HollyI have always loved getting Thank You notes and have tried to send them out when appropriate.   Over the last few years that has not been accomplished to a consistent level.


{insert apology to all those who DESERVED a thank you note and didn’t get one}

So after last Christmas, I made an effort to make it right.   The boys and I created picture thank you cards and sent them in a timely manner.


It was really fun because each boy posed with their gifts so it could be included into their card.

Did I mention they WILLINGLY posed?

The dirty little secret is that not only did I get Thank You notes out, but I have some of the loveliest pictures of my children which has lasted MUCH longer than the cards {and in some cases the gifts!}.

You have seen many of these photos over the last few months on June Cleaver Nirvana…

Thank you picturesIt is a definite to-do again.

I just LOVE the pictures!

holly is living better through pinterestSpeaking of photographs, I loved the inspiration from this Pinterest pin:



It is linked to an article at Inspire Me Baby about Chubby Cheek Photography.   It is about capturing everyday moments with your children in pictures.

Take your camera with you to one unexpected place that you regularly go to.  I promise this is addicting! – Chubby Cheek Photography

Go read the entire article…the photographs alone are worth the trip.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?Yes, dear reader, it is that time again.

The time you wait patiently for each week.

The time that your thoughts wander to throughout the 7 days leading up to the answer…

What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl?

*screen fades to black*

Pledge potluck banner updated with II

  • The wood surface under Holly’s fruit bowl has been cleaned with Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.
  • The granite surface adjacent to Holly’s fruit bowl has been cleaned with Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.
  • The microwave keypad across from Holly’s fruit bowl has been cleaned with Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.


The area around Holly’s fruit bowl is now 99.9% less likely to contain germs because she always follows the directions.

So what is IN Holly’s fruit bowl?

  • A shiny blue can of Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner
  • A clean, soft cloth

Happy Monday everyone!   May your day be 99.9% germ free…

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