As parents, keeping kids safe is our number one priority, no matter what season. But with all the time we usually plan to spend in the sun and in and around water, summer is a time to make sure we are being extra cautious. We found some really helpful tools! These will help you keep your kids safe, sunburn free, and hydrated over the summer months.

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Tools for Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

Tools for Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

Here are some products we have found – affiliate & consultant links support Kids Activities Blog. Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm and WristbandBe instantly alarmed if your little one falls into the pool (or lake, or any other body of water) with these wrist bands. Julbo Kid’s Glasses – There have been new studies this summer showing the importance of eye protection for kids.   Here is one of the best options out there to keep our little ones eyes safe from the sun. Splash About Float Suit – This is a bathing suit and floaty merged into one to help your little one always stay afloat. UV Bucket Hat – This hat by Speedo shades kids face and protects their delicate heads from UV50+ sun protection.   Young children especially with light hair can get serious burns if not well protected. Klean Kid Kanteen – Keep your kids hydrated by taking water with you wherever you go in this stainless steel bottle free of BPA and phthalates. Child ID Tattoos – If you’re heading to a theme park or water resort this summer, consider placing your contact information directly on your kids in case you get separated from one another. At the beginning of your trip, be sure to point out the color of clothing that lifeguards or attendants are wearing and instruct them to find one of those employees in the event they can’t find mom or dad. Bullfrog Water Armor Sunscreen – This sunscreen is one of two out of 20 that Consumer Reports tested and found to live up to it’s promised level of SPF protection after being in water. Essential Oils  – Naturally defend your kids from mosquito’s and ticks with essentials oils like purification or citronella.

Tools for Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

Here are some other great articles we found about keeping kids safe this summer:

10 Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water – Great ways to entice your little ones to stay hydrated. Summer Fun Survival Kit – Keep a few summer safety essentials right in your purse with this kit from Girl Loves Glam. Keep Babies Safe In The Sun – These are fantastic tips to keep the littlest family members protected when they’re in the sun.

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