Summer is time for the family road trip! Follow Kids Activities Blog and Julie Blair and her family as they travel 8 states in 30 days for the ultimate road trip story ¦ Road Trip Across The Country With Kids There’s a new way to see zoo animals in the  Omaha zoo: Fly over their enclosures  in a ski lift in the Skyfari. omaha We  drifted 40 feet above cheetah, giraffe and rhino  suspended  in the  “skyfari,” one of the many innovative ways    patrons connect with the  flora and fauna  at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha. Such a vantage point allowed Charlotte and I to spy on a mama ostrich guarding her nine (!) enormous eggs.  Some were carefully loaded into a giant  nest, others were simply scattered about in the savannah. We also noted just how huge rhino poop piles are (and you know after reading this blog how preoccupied we are with such outcomes). Moreover, we  could finally gauge just how high the lemurs had climbed in their tree from our  own  tall perch. In addition, this zoo  offered us  the opportunity to submerge in a tunnel surrounded by sharks and  traverse   the world’s largest domed desert. The best deal at the zoo? For $5, you can pet  Jell-O-y stingrays.  (My Diet Coke cost nearly $7, if that gives you some perspective.) My kids loved all of it. So did the manny. Which is why the zoo continues to be named one of the best in the world. And though it cost me more than $100 for a party of five to visit, it was worth the expense.   Road Trip With Kids

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