Schooling with the kids is not what I expected.   We don’t need desks.   The kids would rather do their school work on the floor, lying on a couch, anywhere but with a giant book.

Our solution is a clipboard that the kids can grab and go anywhere.

AND… As a homeschool family with multiple kids I want to be able to pass a workbook between siblings.

dry erase marker lids with pom-pom erasers

Take the work books apart and put the pages into plastic slip covers.   Your kids can write on them with dry erase markers, erase it and re-do the page if they need more practice or give it to a sibling to “teach” them how to do the problem.

I truly believe, one of the best ways to learn is by teaching.

dry erase marker tip

Love the tip of putting a pom-pom on the tip of your dry erase marker??   We do!   Thanks to Everyday with the Jay’s for the idea.   It’s brilliant and saves my floor.

Give a kid a tissue and they *will* bunch it and shred it to bits.

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