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I don’t know if you have been following QM for long, but we have recently decided to adopt, two boys, from Ethiopia.   We are excited to add to our family and shocked – legal and paperwork fees – Ouch!   Meanwhile, the kids still want to have lessons out of the home, we are planning a spring vacation and budgeting for summer splurges.   How on earth are we going to make life happen?   This is where I need to thank two of my newest blog sponsors!   This month Weekly Plus Deals and Juice in the City are helping us fund our adoption AND save money with some really awesome deals in the Dallas Fort Worth area.   Every penny earned from the sponsors of this blog go to fund our adoption and orphan care.   If you love Quirky Momma and want to help children   join their forever home, please visit this month’s blog sponsors.



Weekly Plus Deals in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The perks of Weekly Plus:   Their deals last for a solid week!   I got a 9$ hour-long massage last week and can’t wait to see what other deals they bring my way.   Deals they have had in the past include Kid’s Karate lessons, tickets to a petting zoo, even yoga classes.   The majority of their deals are geared towards moms and families.   Another perk is that their affiliate program is awesome – they will pay you 50$ when you refer your friends to them.   Got a lot of facebook friends and need some spare cash, not only will you find deals to help you save but you can make money with them too!


Daily Deals on Juice in the City
The perks of Juice in the City: A new deal each day with lots of variety from hip-hop dancing, to spray tanning, to lattes and spa treatments.   All of their deals have been mom-tested.   They also offer three different DFW regions, so you can look for deals by location or by service.   Another perk they have is their local moms as business consultants program.     They are seeking for moms who want to test out different services in the area and find companies to provide deals.   Moms who work for them get perks and commission, all while going to the office – at home in pjs, nice!


So go sign up for both of these deal sites and let the savings fill your email inbox!   Thanks again Weekly Plus Deals and Juice in the City for helping us bring our boys home!


  1. We have sites like this in Greenville. They have the best deals!

  2. Congratulations on your soon to be additions! My sister has 2 boys who were adopted from China (they are 9 months apart and not biologically related). One of my college friends just got home from Ethiopia with her twin baby boys. So I understand (a little)how crazy expensive it is to adopt and also how much paperwork there is- but what an awesome blessing for your family!

  3. Love it! =)

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