Horizon is asking moms how they get their kids to eat healthy food.   {Pssst…leave a comment below to be entered to win a $500 spa day.} healthy foodAs you may have gathered by now, I have an opinion on EVERYTHING so let’s tackle this healthy food question. Bring on Holly’s List of Her 2 Top Healthy Food Sneakin’ Tips! {I am aware that there is some law against a list having only 2 items, but I am feeling a bit rebellious today.} OK, so I did the whole pureeing fruits and vegetables and adding the purees to food…for a week.   It is a genius idea, but I am too tired to keep it up.   I had to find some things that work for me at the last minute and with whatever I can find in the fridge because that is how things are done at my house. Meal planning is for sissies.

more healthy foodMy Top 2 Ways of Getting My Boys to Eat Healthy Food:

Fruit Smoothie1.   Make a Fruit Smoothie!

Pretty much anything is made better in a blender. {You can quote me on that.} Most of my smoothies are a combination of yogurt, fruit and ice.   Most of the time the yogurt sweetens the drink, but occasionally I add sugar or the Malt flavor Ovaltine. Two of our favorite smoothies are:
  • Strawberry yogurt, fresh strawberries blueberries and bananas, and ice
  • Vanilla yogurt, fresh bananas, Chocolate Ovaltine, and ice
The other thing I have found is that the boys’ lunch Thermos container will keep a smoothie icy until noon.   I make them a smoothie for breakfast and then modify it a little to pack in their lunches. One blender clean-up: two healthy meals.pita bread

2.   Hide it in a Pita!

Everything looks more appetizing in a pita. I have one child that won’t eat any type of bread product, but for the other two a pita is like magic.   I slice them across the middle and gently work the sides apart so that all they healthy stuff disappears. Any sandwich that I might make between two boring pieces of bread is now elevated to super fun gourmet status. The bonus is that I am addicted to hummus so the pita serves a dual purpose. Ta-ha! Now it is YOUR turn. Please share how YOU get your kids to eat healthy in the forum below for a chance to win a $500 Mom's Getaway Spa Day from BlogFrog! Want to exchange more healthy snacks ideas, money saving tips and back to school shopping advice with other moms? Visit the Horizon ® Healthy Families Back to School Community! healthy food This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon. The opinions expressed by me do not necessarily reflect the view of the Horizon Organic brand.

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