10 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Write Their Name

Learning to write your name can be a hard task for kids, but we’re making it easier.  These creative ideas will get your kids playing and learning all at the same time.  We love that combination!

We found these and so much more fun over on our  Facebook page  and our  activity link-ups.  Head over and share yours, too!

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Write Their Name

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Write Their Names

1.  Spell out their names with marker on card stock and let them play with them by unscrambling or making it into a game!

2.  Make a bracelet with their name spelled out in beads to they have a constant reminder of how to spell it!  From Inspiration Laboratories.

3.  Go on a  name treasure hunt!  Your kids will love this activity from Powerful Mothering.

4.  Use bottle caps with the letters of their names written on them for them to put together like a puzzle.  From 1+1+1=1.

5.  Help teach them to spell their name with one of kids favorite mediums, play dough!  From Teachers of Good Things.

6.  This  name practice  letter hunt  is a fun way to for your kids to practice spelling their name  and recognizing their letters.  From Inspiration Laboratories.

7.  Put all those toys cars to work by using them to help kids read their names!  From Growing Book by Book.

8.  Summer is the perfect time to head outside for some  water games.  Add some learning to your  water games  with this  name practice activity.  From Inspiration Laboratories.

9.  Practice  name  recognition and letter identification with this fun Easter name game  using  plastic eggs.  From Fantastic Fun and Learning.

10.  Help them build out their names with craft sticks.  This activity also helps with their concentration and dexterity!


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  2. My son is named Lewis. 🙂 I just had to comment & share! 🙂

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