Today, we’re excited to be sharing free activity printables from the Little Bunny series. This time, we’ve got a printable board game for you! We’ve already shared our fun math printable, but this game is perfect for learning shapes. Whether kids do this game on their own or with a friend, they are going to love the beautiful  result. shape garden printable

Set Up the Shape Garden Free Activity Printables:

  • Print out the game board sections (there are 4 total)
  • Match the pieces and tape them together to create the game board
  • Color in your Shape Garden game board
  • Cut apart and color the game pieces
  • Place them face down next to the game board
  • Cut out your bunny and color your game piece
  • Now, you’re ready to play!

How to Play Shape Garden Free Activity Printables:

Remember how we placed all of the game pieces face down? Now, it’s time to turn over the first card. Take your bunny game piece and hop on as many images of the shape as you can find. Kids can play on their own by counting each shape as they move around the board or they can play with a friend by alternating turns. I wonder who will find the most shapes?

Free Activity Printables:

This game is a fun way to encourage children to learn their shapes. Kids can play the game over and over while they get better at shape recognition. After you’ve finished playing, we’d love to see your completed works of art. Come post them on our FB wall because each coloring page is unique!

More Coloring Pages for Kids:

Be sure to visit our coloring pages for kids to find tons of coloring fun. Click for more printables Visit the Little Bunny series for lots of printables. The adorable Little Bunny books were created by Dianne Miller for her own children when they were preschoolers!

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