Part one of this story is about the joke. boy underwaterIf you are not familiar with the joke about the duck that walks into a bar and asks for grapes, you might want to brush up on it before proceeding with this VERY complicated *cough* story. Once we unloaded from the car, I asked Rhett if he would tell this joke on camera so I could remember it forever. Will you pay me? OK, I realize that is a CRAZY first question out of a 5 y/o’s mouth when asked to do something, but there is history here. I have been reading a book called Young Bucks by Troy Dunn which is about fostering entrepreneurship in kids.   One of his suggestions is to pay your kids for things that they can do which assist you in a skilled way.   This will encourage them to put effort into developing these skills which can turn into businesses which can turn into making money. Ryan(10) has helped me on several complicated blog posts.   I “commissioned” his help building a Tinker Toy Catapult and a Lego Trebuchet.   He designed, built and then assisted me with the photography for the articles.   It was a huge help and I paid him.   It was fun to see how excited he got about helping me with blogging and since this project he has asked if he could help with my blog again. That is not the norm. I try not to force the boys into blogging scenarios.   They didn’t choose to have a mom who blogs.   They tolerate and ignore it in most cases and have grown accustomed to me with a camera everyday. Back to the 5 y/o request… Will you pay me? Yes.   If you give me permission to use the content on my blog. Hmmmm… *pause for him to think* I just tell the joke? Yes.   You just tell the joke. You won’t make me watch it?   I sound funny. I won’t make you watch it and you sound PRECIOUS. I am NOT precious. Yes you are. I will do it for $3. OK. We had an agreement.   We went outside on the front porch and shot the video. I watched the video several times and thought how precious it was to capture that moment and it was worth every bit of those $3. Rhett came back a few minutes later and said… Mom, I have been thinking.   I think that the video is worth $7.

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  1. That’s hysterical! We have a similar situation going on with my teenagers. (It’s not as adorable when they’re teenagers), but I’m trying to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in them as well. I guess tomorrow’s lesson is the Art of Negotiation. =) Thanks for sharing that, they’re so precious at that age.

  2. definitely $20!!! 🙂 just found your blog-love it. we have a few things in common! first, we both have the BEST name ever…second, we love blogging…third, we live in the dallas area. wow. we are like twinsies! 🙂 i’m a new FB/blog follower and hope you’ll follow back! i actually just started up a new site(besides my family blog that i’ve been writing for about five years now) at family fun reviews from a mom’s perspective! most are in the dallas area(since this is my town and all) but i have plans to expand to cities everywhere with mama contributors across the u.s. coming soon..austin, corpus christi, oklahoma city, seattle…lots of moms are interested already and i’m excited about this new mom resource for fams everywhere! hope you’ll check it out and share 🙂 thanks holly! hoLLy

  3. LAMO! I had to listen a few times to hear the joke….but once I did I giggled. He looked so proud of himself! I think it was worth 7$…just saying!

  4. You got a deal. That was worth way more than 3 or 7$.

    What a cutie. Aren’t you glad we live in such a digital age that you can save moments like those forever? I know I am.