When we made the softest play dough, one of the comments had a great idea, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Their idea for our play dough recipe was to use Coconut Oil instead of conditioner, and since I am seriously obsessed with all things coconut oil, I had to give it a try!   What I really love about this play dough recipe is that it is no cook play dough. Plus, it only uses two ingredients and took less than five minutes to make. The consistency of this dough is like nothing I have ever felt. I kept giving it a squeeze and shaping it into the coolest stuff! this post contains affiliate links 

How To Make Play Dough Recipe Glop by the Kids Activities Blog

Glop Play Dough Recipe

Another bonus to this play dough, is that it is so moisturizing for your hands since it uses Coconut Oil. I can’t stop playing with it! My daughter loves the way it squishes between your hands, and the really cool part is, the harder you play with it, the more firm it gets, but if you want it to thin out (a little like oobleck, but not nearly as much) then you can leave it sitting for a little while. NOTE: Although this play dough probably tastes horrible, it is completely non-toxic. All the ingredients are safe for little ones to get in their mouth. So, how do you make Glop Play Dough? Ingredients:  Directions: The thing about coconut oil is, it’s mostly a solid, until it gets just a little warmer than room temperature, and then it turns to a liquid. In order to get my coconut oil to a liquid state, I just microwaved it for about thirty seconds. Add your coconut oil to the cornstarch and stir. That’s it. If your dough is crumbly, you might need to add a bit more oil, but don’t add too much or it will get really sticky. Also, this play dough doesn’t do very well with food coloring. It was hard to mix in, so it’s best to just keep it white.

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5 New Oobleck Experiments for Kids from Kids Activities Blog As I mentioned before, another fun thing you can make with cornstarch is Oobleck. We’ve had lots of fun playing with oobleck in the past on Kids Activities Blog. We have also made goop or silly putty with cornstarch. I always buy in bulk when it’s on sale so we have lots on hand to play with! Here’s some other fun playdough recipes to make:  Leave a comment: Do you plan on trying out this fun playdough recipe with the kids?

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