Being crafty and creating thought-filled valentines does not need to require a time investment. We’ve scoured the internet and have found 30 Valentines that you can do with and for your kids – making dozens of valentines in an hour or less: Read More. 30 DIY Valentines Valentines for the lunchbox Valentines for kids DIY candy Valentines class gift ideas for Valentines day valentines of food30 DIY Kids Valentines Click on the images or the links below to read more!! DIY Valentine Gifts – These trinkets are easy to give to others. Yummy and Sweet Food – Make food fun and festive with these ideas. Simple Toy Valentines – These ideas are great for classes Candy Valentines – Candy is easy and all kids love it! Creative Valentine Notes – Do you have a reader?   They will love a personalized note. Check out this Valentine’s creamer bottle penguin craft.

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  1. I’d love to see all these ideas, but whenever I click on a link I just get sent back to this page. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong.