I want to have polite children.

Don’t we all?

I wish I could say that my kids have good manners, I hope to raise them to love God and to love others, and in doing so I hope that manners will “come”.

Thanks to our Facebook Community of Readers for helping compile a list of “goals” or manners that we would love to see our kids practice.

15 manners kids need

1)   Say please and thank you when asking and receiving things.

2)   When others are talking, wait – do not interrupt.   If you do need to interrupt, try saying “excuse me” and then wait.

3)   If you have something unpleasant to say, be it about the meal or the way someone looks in the line at the grocery, keep your opinion to yourself.

4)   Don’t pick your nose in public… don’t pick your brother’s nose.

5)   Use your words to build people up.   Do not tease or make fun of others.

6)   Cover your mouth when you sneeze, and if you are close to someone and feel a sneeze coming on, turn away to avoid sneezing on them.

7)   If you have something on your mouth or nose, use a napkin or tissue to remove it – not your clothes.

8)   If someone is coming through the door behind you, hold the door open for them… and then…

9)   Close the door behind you… if you are going outside, to the bathroom, getting in/out of the car – if you are able, and no one is coming behind you – close the door.

Southern Manners for kids

10)   Knock on doors to someone’s private space prior to entering.   For example, before entering a friend’s house, or a sibling’s bedroom, if the door is closed get permission before entering.

11)   Pick up your toys when you are finished playing with them – especially if you are playing at a friends house.

12)   When someone is talking to you, put down your distractions (toys, technology, books, etc) and look them in the eyes – show them you are listening.

13)   When you are inside, use an inside voice.   Try to match your volume to your environment.
quote about kids and manners

14)   Keep your hands to yourself.   Unless someone gives you permission you should not touch them or their things.

15)   When eating, finish your mouthful before talking.   Do not reach over others at the table and stay seating while others are eating.


What manners are important to you?  Any tips on how to teach our kids to respect others?   We would love to hear about it on our Facebook wall or in the comments!

See why etiquette matters! Check out what we think about good manners for kids!

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  1. For me it’s important to teach children not to be grabby when offered something and to share.
    We must also teach them to smile, too adults have forgotten how to do that. A person who looks at you and smiles brightens your day, and theirs.

  2. I agree with everything on this list. I do see what MJ in her comment means when she says it is a very long list an that she knows many adults who fall short. I do too, but I wonder if that’s because manners weren’t prioritised for them as children. I am delighted (and not meaning to sound smug) to say that my 3 year old has excellent manners – the one he does find hard though is not interrupting. He tries his best to wait for a gap, but sometimes ends up speaking between someone’s sentences or when they stop for breath!

  3. I agree with some. However this is a pretty long list and sometimes kids are just kids. I know many MANY adults who fall short of this list.

  4. I agree with majority exept one. Holding the door, yes I agree, but waiting for the person to walk through and closing it behind them like they are some doorman I disagree. When is the 15 rules pensioners should have coming out? I work in a very public place and the children can outshine pensionsers anyday!. But other than that i agree with the other 14.5 rules x