Hands Free Mama Book by Rachel Macy Stafford

We here at Kids Activities Blog are blessed with some awesome online friends.  One of those is Rachel Macy Stafford.  The cool thing is that she just released a book, Hands Free Mama  {affiliate links throughout}, which quickly rose to the Top 10 on Amazon best seller list!


Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford


Hands Free Mama Book

Rachel was kind enough to send us an advance copy and I read it over the holiday.

It was such a good reminder of how quickly kids grow and how I will miss it if I am too busy.

I love how Rachel explores how “busy” she was.  She was caught up in doing lots of things at the expense of her own peace and the ability to connect with her kids.  It is something that every mom can relate to!

We have those days.  I have those days.

At the end, we don’t feel accomplished, we feel exhausted and defeated.

I love how Hands Free Mama is a road map to getting back on track.

To saying no to busy.

To saying yes to connections.

What is great is that Rachel’s relationships with her family improved in just a short time, but the payoff was in how SHE felt.  Her life changed significantly and what started out as a gift to her kids became a gift to herself.

Go.  Get this book.  You will never regret learning how to become a Hands Free Mama.

Reading this book has made me more appreciative of the little gestures that come naturally to kids.  Things that I hope I didn’t miss before, but seem to have a big arrow pointing at them now!  The extra cuddle.  The snuggle on the lap.  The unsolicited “thank you mom”.

It has made me a more aware and grateful mom.


  1. Holly, I am so touched by your beautiful and detailed review of my blog! Coming from someone I greatly respect as a writer and parent, this means a GREAT deal to me! I cannot thank you enough for your unending support. You are a blessing on my Hands Free journey in deed!

  2. Oh I need this! Thanks for sharing, totally going to get a copy!

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