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This summer I really wanted to be special for our family.  I know it is inevitable that the kids get older every year and I don't want to miss those lazy days of agendaless play.

21 fun Summer Activities - Go for a hike

I have been consciously finding things to do together this summer and it really has been a ton of fun.  

Dollar General has a really fun list of 21 Fun Summer Activities with a printable checklist.  We have been through much of it and have already completed 13 listed activities.

Our favorites so far:

  • #4 Play mini-golf.  We have played 6 rounds so far.  The course we like isn't far, so likely will fit in a few more before the summer ends.
  • #6 Take a hike.  While vacationing in Colorado we have taken this seriously {OK, seriously fun}.  We have been taking walks in the woods daily.  Sometimes beside a creek, sometimes on the edge of a mountain, sometimes across a field of wild flowers.  We have seen Deer, Chipmunks, Pikas and Marmots.
  • #15 Roast marshmallows and make s'mores.  We had the gooeyist s'mores just last night.  After four years of being a camp counselor in my youth, I can roast the perfect marshmallow.  It is a skill!

You can print off the list of 21 Fun Summer Activities by clicking on this image:

And because you will need supplies for all those summer adventures, check out all the Summer supplies at Dollar General.  There are name brand food items for your favorite recipes like Barbecue Chicken Packets made with Kraft® Original Barbeque Sauce grilled over AmeriGas® powered grill.  It wouldn't be complete without chips and Pace®Salsa followed by Frosted Strawberry Pops!

All those recipes are listed on the Create the Perfect Summer website too!  Everything for kid entertainment and family food is available {and affordable} at Dollar General.


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