What child isn’t a fan of lego games?  I haven’t met one yet!  Legos are so much fun but what makes them even better is learning with them and playing games.  Double win! Here are some of our favorite lego games from our best blog feature of the day, Pleasantest Thing.  These are great boredom busters and would be fun things to do at a party! Fun Learning With Lego Games

6 Learning Lego Games

1.  Combine reading with lego play by writing colors on index cards and having them sort legos by the colors they read. 2.  Build a simple lego structure, take photos of it, then show it to your kids to reconstruct. 3.  Host a lego challenge!  Print a copy of these building ideas, cut them out and place into a bag.  Let your kids take turns reaching in and creating whatever the card says. 4.  Write down words you are learning on masking tape and stick them to the sides of legos while you build.  Practice your sight words while you play. 5.  Make your own lego board game.  Use legos as the board (with more sight words taped to the sides) and a lego figurine as the game piece. 6.  See who can build the tallest lego tower  the fastest without tipping it over.  Try lego bricks for this one! Thanks for these great games, Pleasantest Thing!  

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