Dear Brother and Sister-in-law, It was early on black Friday when Ryan and I entered the Target toy aisle. It was crowded. We were looking around when I saw it. It was the perfect gift for your daughter, my 4 y/o niece. I picked it up and it looked at me. I jumped a little. A lady near me looked at me questioningly. I said, “It is disturbing, but it won’t be at my house”. She smiled a knowing smile. I put it in the cart. It continued to look at me and occasionally meow. Later, in the minivan, it continued to “meow” around every corner. Every corner for 5 days since I forgot to take it out of the back. It freaks out adults, but enchants children. It is the Fur Real Kitty Cat. Here is a sneak peak at my generosity: The toy has a very disturbing Pet Sematary vibe… …which is only worsened by the “I really ‘come to life’” tag line. I had no idea that Stephen King was now designing toys. Sweet dreams. Lovingly, Holly

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  1. OMG! I’m so glad you sent me that, it totally put the biggest smile on my face!!!

    I LOVE finding freaky stuff like that.!