Counting and adding with Snacks

This simple math activity is from our Math Activity a Day calendar.       Do your kids love Welch’s Fruit snacks?   My preschoolers do!   I rarely keep any in the house and they love getting to go to their Grammy’s   where they get a bag of the treats.   As today is Friday, we decided to splurge.





Math Snack Fun:

Get a dice, roll it.   Count out the number you rolled.   Roll the dice again and add or subtract that number of snacks to/from your pile.   Do over and over again till you only have one or two snacks left in the pile.   Eat those and repeat!   So much yummy math fun!


  1. I think JDaniel would eat them before I could hand him the dice.

  2. I love math activities using food. We used to read the M & M’s Counting Book and have so much fun using real M & M’s and then eating them.

  3. I think this article gonna be great. I can share it to other people. thank btw

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