Fall activities are here to help us welcome Autumn.   The weather is slowly changing and the leaves are starting to fall.   There are lots of fun things to do during this time of year and we’d like to share some with you! Here are some great fall activities from our Wednesday link-up, It’s Playtime!   We love all of the great things you share with us there. 12 Fall Activities to Welcome the Season

12 Fall Activities to Welcome the Season

1.   Apple Tree Snack  – A healthy and yummy snack in the shape of an apple tree! 2.   Fall Books – A collection of great children’s  books for fall like Fletcher and the Falling Leaves  {affiliate link}. 3.   Sensory Bin – Dig into a fall sensory bin with leaves, miniature pumpkins, pinecones and hay. 4.   Tree Hand Banner – Make a fall tree with your childs handprint and painted leaves. 5.   Printable Activity – A free printable sight word activity for early readers. 6.   Cleaning Mud – Clean while you play with this fall pumpkin spice cleaning mud. 30 Days of Fall Fun Calendar 7.   Decorate Pinecones – One of the easiest fall activities is simply taking pinecones and dressing them up!   Try glue and glitter, pom poms, paint, etc! 8.   Fall Tree Craft – Make a fun and colorful fall tree with coffee filters and an empty  toilet paper roll!. 9.   Fall Mobile –  Fill clear,  plastic ornaments with things that remind you of fall like leaves and spanish moss and hang them from a wooden wreath. 10.   Pumpkin Bowling – Gather up mini-pumpkins (fake  or real)  and try to knock them over with a ball. 11.   Fine Motor Skills – Sort out fall colored pom poms and acrylic pumpkins using kitchen tongs. 12.   40 Fall Activities – If you haven’t already found something fun to do this fall, here is a list of 40 more fall activities with a free printable list to download. Come back later to share YOUR favorite kids activity.

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