These cute and easy cards that kids can make are so bright and fun. They can be made in around fifteen minutes and they only require a few simple items.

easy cards that kids can make

If you have paint, paper and some stickers, then you have everything you need to make these fun cards. Fold your cardboard or paper in half to make a card. Next, take your dot stickers and start sticking!

birthday card that kids can make

This is a great fine motor skills activity for little hands. We placed ours in random patterns all over the card, but you could get really creative here. The dots could be placed so that they form a shape like a heart, or even a number (for the birthday boy or girl’s age) or a letter (for the recipient’s name).

TIP: The dot stickers worked well because they weren’t too sticky, and therefore were fairly easy to remove. If you think your stickers may be too sticky to remove later, there is a simple way to make them less adherent. Simply stick them to some fabric (your shirt sleeve or a tea towel for example)   – then remove the sticker and apply it to your card. This process will ensure that the sticker is much easier to remove later without tearing or damaging your card.

simple card for kids to make

For the next step, you will need your paint and paintbrush. Simply paint over the entire card, covering the dot stickers as well. Yes, it looks kind of weird now, but don’t worry! The next step will fix all of that.

DIY card for kids to make

Wait for the paint to dry and then remove all of the dot stickers. It is a bit of a “wow factor”, especially for younger kids, when the stickers are lifted off. You will be left with a clear shape where the background paper shows through.

Try experimenting with different backgrounds. We’ve used plain white which looks fun and crisp but contrasting colors or even patterns underneath would be really fun as well.

Check out this DIY pipe cleaner flower card, that people will surely love!

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