Kids fun comes in all different shapes and sizes.   There are so many ways to have a good time with our little ones and today we have a new idea: things that glow!   These are some really fun activities you can make yourself to do at night and during sleepovers. We’re sharing a few glowing kids fun projects from today’s best blog feature, Caution! Twins at Play.   If you missed her interview this morning, hop over and take a peak!

4 Ways to Have Glowing Kids Fun!

4 Ways to Have Glowing Kids Fun!

1.   Glowing Crafts  – By using LED finger lights, you can make almost anything glow in the dark!   Try plastic easter eggs, balloons, cups, or anything that you think a light could shine through.   Try them all and use your imagination! 2.   Black Light Paint  – You can make your own glow in the dark finger paint with just a few ingredients around the house like modge podge and a new highlighter.    This is a definite hit with the kids! 3.   Glowing Magna Tiles  – Do you have some magna tiles at home?  They are the perfect accessory for glowing fun!  They go really well on a light table and if you have some of the LED lights we mentioned earlier, you can place them inside of buildings you create.  Build a few haunted mansions and light them up! 4.   Magnet Fun  – Turn those extra LED lights into magnets to play in the dark.  Use a little magnet tape and hot glue them to the back of the light.  Now you can play with magnets in the dark and use the lights to shine against your magnetic surfaces. Thanks to Kristen from Caution! Twins at Play for sharing these kids fun activities with us.

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