How can you involve your kids in their birthday party planning so that their big day is a true reflection of them? I get asked that question all the time over on my blog for boy birthday party ideas, Spaceships and Laser Beams. How to Involve kids in planning their own birthday party - Kids Activities Blog The answer I always give is that there are a ton of fun ways to involve your children in the numerous phases of planning a party. From theme selection all the way down to guest favors there are more than enough opportunities for your kids to be in on the party planning excitement.

How to Involve Kids In Planning their own Birthday Party

1. Choose the birthday party theme together – When I plan my son Sam's birthdays, I always make the theme about him. For his first birthday, I chose a robot theme because he had a robot toy that he absolutely loved.When he was two and really didn't have an opinion, I chose a fishing party theme <> because the sport is an important part of our family life. Last year, we had a fire truck themed party for Sam's third birthday because he is completely obsessed with them. Even if your son or daughter picks something very non-traditional, it makes for a fun challenge. Try to keep an open mind even if they throw something like ice-skating dinosaurs your way (or superhero police as this mom had to run with). 2. Assemble the birthday party invites as a team – Once a theme is decided, having the birthday boy or girl help with the actual party decor itself is another great way for them to be involved. Starting with invitations, whether you buy them or make your own, the kids can be involved. For instance, Sam put the mailing labels on his invite envelopes using a glue stick — and had a blast doing it. Making a trip to the mailbox to send the invitations together is always exciting too — at least it is at our house! 3. Make planning party activities a game – Probably one of the most beloved aspects for any child on their big day is the birthday party activities. Your own child can be an excellent gage what may hold the attention of someone their age and what activities may not. There are many decorations the day of the party that children would most likely love to assist with. Place settings, balloons, favor bags just to name a few. There are also many DIY tutorials for centerpieces that children could easily construct with the assistance of an adult. Not only will they be excited about their party but proud that they were a part of it as well. Depending on what type of cake you serve, there is always something that is child friendly in the process. If you prefer a homemade cake this is definitely the time to have your child very hands on. They can assist with everything from mixing ingredients to baking and icing. Even cakes that are not made at home can have elements added to them such as candy pieces and figurines. 5. Purchasing and assembling party favors – Favor bags are another great area where your own child will know what children their own age tend to love. It's also an excellent opportunity to introduce them to budget aspect and some mathematics. I’ve seen a wide variety of favors used and Sam's reaction is always a quick way to give me the pros and cons of the selected items. Party planning does not always have to be a tireless effort especially if you employ some help from the direct source. Children have a way of approaching new things with a sense of fun and adventure. Not only can it be refreshing for adults but it's very rewarding for a child to know they played an important role in helping with their birthday party.

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  1. Yes, it is true that kids should be involved in the parties as with this they can actually enjoy the party with great fun and activities. Ask your kid about the themes they prefer and games they like the most. Take them to the market when you are going to purchase items for the party from craft stores such as balloons and other decoration items. You can also take help from them in the decoration process and ask about all the little guests he wants to invite. What all return gifts they want to give etc. You can also give return gifts in some paper bags and that you can design at home with your child and can write good quotations on them.