5 {Fun} Ways to Play with Food

All kids get the urge to play with food, but I doubt mom and dad are usually on board.  What if there were a few ways to play with food without scraping mashed potatoes off the ceiling?  There are!  Today, we are showing you just that.  Have fun creating new ideas, even if they seem a little crazy at first!

Today’s best blog feature we showed you this morning, Little Moments, is sharing a few posts about playing with food.

5 {Fun} Ways to Play with Food

5 Fun Ways to Play with Food

1.  Produce Playdough – Use this delicious smelling homemade playdough recipe to create pretend fruits and veggies.  Make a whole supermarket full of pretend produce!

2.  Pumpkin Cookies – A fun way to play with food is to decorate cookies.  After making oatmeal cookies, hand out candy corn, chocolate chips, raisins and icing to create a pumpkin face.  These are perfect for fall.

3.  Apples – Lots of fun ways to learn about the different types of apples.  Touch and taste them all and help them journal their observations.  Ask them about the colors, the feeling, and which is their favorite.

4.  Sensory Boxes – Use dry rice and other foods in cleaned out baby food containers to make mini sensory boxes for your baby.  It’s fun for them to shake and hear different sounds.

5.  Play with Pasta – Several different ideas for learning letter recognition with alphabet pasta.  You can give them different cues like, find five letters A’s or give them a letter to find in uppercase or lower case.  So many possibilities here.

Thank you so much Little Moments for sharing these activities with us today.

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