Indianapolis isn’t just made of cornfields and flat land. While you may have to look a little harder than in some larger cities, you’ll find lots of fun things to do with your kids. Each year, we take joy rides to uncover the best activities. Many of them are free! things to do with kids in Indianapolis

10 Things to Do with Kids in Indianapolis, IN

1.  Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acre Park –  Open from dusk to dawn, the park is filled with interactive art and unique experiences for children. Everything is free including parking. 2.  The Indianapolis Children’s Museum –  Voted on of the top museum’s in the nation, this Indy museum is a must see. We love the haunted house which offers both a “scary” (not so much) and a scare-free version. 3.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum at the Indy 500 track –  Why do we love this one? After a quick visit to the museum, you can hop on a tour bus and take an air-conditioned ride around the most famous motor speedway of all time. 4.  Conner Prairie Interactive History Park –  This is a fantastic experience for kids of all ages. As a past employee, I raced around the prairie dressed as the Headless Horseman chasing wagon loads of “unsuspecting” visitors. In the fall and spring, families with older children can step back in time and experience the Underground Railroad. That’s right, you are’t just viewing, you are doing! 5.  Waterman’s Family Farm –  Three words: Pumpkin Eating Dinosaur. Are you seeing a theme here? 6.  White River State Park & Indy Canal –  While you can spend money visiting the fantastic Indy Zoo (They’ve got a Zoo Boo) or the NCAA Hall of Champions, a simple walk around the canal and park is a cultural experience in itself. 7.  Martinsville Candy Kitchen –  Martinsville is less than an hour drive from downtown Indy. The Candy Kitchen is an authentic old-fashion candy store. Looking is free and you can watch them make the candy. 8.  Splash Island Water Park –  Splash Island is great for a mini-family vacation or pair it with some of the other area attractions. Located in Plainfield, about 15 minutes from downtown Indy, Splash Island is less expensive than many water parks and has lots more to offer. Lounge on a tube as you float through Leisure park. 9.  Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument –  Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, this monument is the center of all the action. It is a National Historic Building, and you can take an elevator ride to the top. Well, mostly… you’ll have to walk to the tip top for a breathtaking view. 10.  Eagle Creek Park and Beach –  This is the best kept secret. The Orinthology Center is free with park admission which is per car load. We love visiting, watching the birds, or playing in the interactive exhibit. The Earth Discovery Center is also free! Explore the live turtle and frog exhibits or learn the secret of bees. The park also boasts a sandy, lifeguarded beach perfect for little ones. There are so many things to do in the greater Indy area. Most of them are rain or shine, hot or cold because in Indiana you never know what to expect from the weather.

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  1. I’m really surprised Conner Prairie didn’t make the list. Less than an hour from Indy and its a huge interactive park set in prairie day time. We had a great time there!