Easiest Way to Get Cheap School Supplies

Getting the kids ready for the back-to-school rush is something I slightly dread.

It is a major deal!

Back to School shopping the easy way from Kids Activities Blog

Organizing Three Kids to Go Back to School

I have three boys all going in different grades with different lists of this and that.  The upside is that when it comes to books, 2/3 of the boys can use some hand-me-down editions.  The downside is that I have to figure out WHAT we already have!

That is what I spent the afternoon doing…getting the book list organized.  My 12 y/o helped me get all the old books off the high shelf in my closet and go through them with a 2nd and 5th grade book list for his brothers.  Turns out that at the end of the afternoon I only needed an additional 12 books {mostly workbooks} for each of the younger boys making their books a fraction of my 7th grader’s list.  Several hours of work pays off!

Buying School Supplies

And then there are the school supplies.  Those lists are pretty massive as well, but it doesn’t take several hours of work to save money because it is all organized at Classrooms by Walmart.

Classrooms by WalmartYep!  The list is already there and you can sit down at the computer with your picky school supply consumer and pick out colors and patterns adding them to the cart from your teacher’s list.

Easy, peasy.

I know you will miss the in-person school supply shopping scene through crowded aisles while negotiating pallets of #2 pencils with children hanging off your cart demanding Hello Kitty notebooks while you impatiently search through a 2 page supply list to see if you need 4 glue sticks or 2 glue bottles thinking who in the world would ever use glue bottles in school when there are perfectly good sticks available and your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of our own phone when you notice the back of a certain 3 y/o making a run for the toy aisle.  I know you will miss that.

Oh, and 4% cash back goes to your school to support all the wonderful programs that make it your school.

Supporting YOUR School

And as if THAT isn’t enough to click through to Classrooms by Walmart this VERY SECOND, there is something else.

It isn’t just school supplies that can fund important programs at YOUR school, it is ALL purchases.  Simply make sure your school has signed up for the Free Cash for Your School Program.

eBoxTops earn for your school online

And even something else…

eBoxTops ® are a way for your school to automatically get credit for box tops generated from all your Walmart.com purchases.  You don’t even have to clip ’em and send them to school in a little baggie.

The bottom line is that you can take stress out of your back-to-school life, save money on school supplies and trigger a donation to your school all at one time.

Thanks so much to Walmart for sponsoring this article and making MY life easier.  

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  1. What a great tool! It was super easy to find my son’s school on their list.

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