We have been wanting to visit Sealife at Grapevine Mills ever since it opened.   Last year we went to Legoland in San Diego which included a trip through the Sealife Aquarium next door.   It was a fun trip and finally we got around to visiting the new location closer to home! sealife bubbleWe met some friends at Sealife on a Friday afternoon. It was nice because it was not crowded at all.   I was surprised that our annual Legoland Discovery Center passes didn’t get us any discounts on a daily pass {they do give a discount for an annual pass if you have both} because in San Diego it was all part of the same ticket when we were there. The aquarium floorplan is amazing.   They have created a ton of places to view the same exhibit…and you don’t even realize it! sealife grapevine fish feedingOne of the first areas you enter is where a large tank of sting rays and fish call home.   Several times a day they feed the fish here.   It is visible from the floor or where this picture was taken from the balcony above. sealife fish in loveIn this particular tank there was some excitement because several of the fish seemed to be in love.   The staff did a good job of explaining what was happening…to a point where they turned it over to the moms. Thanks! I was really impressed with the staff throughout the aquarium.   It was a slow day, but they really went out of their way to chat with the kids and answer any questions. sealife tunnelThe tunnel was one of my favorite places.   It has fish on every side, above… sealife shoes…and below. Again, you can see a Sealife guide talking to the kids about what they are seeing in the tank. sealife sharkWe walked a few more steps and were greeted by a shark swim over. Yep, the sharks are ABOVE.   It took a minute to realize we weren’t in any danger! sealife red fishI loved the colorful fish and jelly fish.   There is a beautiful jelly fish exhibit that was hard to photograph.   The colors in the tank rotate and make the jelly fish glow. sealife nemoThere was quite a bit of variety throughout including where you view the fish. sealife ryan in bubbleThe boys liked to get inside the tank and I was glad they went home dry. sealife touch tankThere are three touch tanks at the end of the aquarium tour which have some really fun and unusual animals to experience. She is Dallas info:   Sealife is located in Grapevine Mills Mall, 3000 Grapevine Mill Parkway, Grapevine, Texas 76051. They can be found on FB and Twitter as @VisitSEALIFE.   There are online deals for admission on their website.

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  1. We also had a good time there but I, well my daughter, was disappointed there was no sea turtle. There are sea turtles all over their logo, ads, and displays!

    1. I was over there today and found out that the turtle arrived on Friday! So hopefully your next visit will include turtle sightings.