sensory learning with goop lettersWhat do you have when you mix school glue, cornstarch, water, food coloring and a tiny bit of borax? Goop! This homemade silly putty is marvelous stuff! We use it like playdough as it doesn’t leave residue! Yay for mess-less play! Last week a friend came over and we popped the goop. Many of our activities are things I come up with, but I can’t take any credit for this alphabet review. Quirky Kid Z decided that making prints with his letters was the greatest thing his goop could be doing. All I had to do was grab the camera. It is so much fun watching them learn and explore.   All you need is some goop and some magnetic letters.

Ways to add to the learning fun:preschooler learning letters with goop

  • Have one child press the letter into the goop and have another child (with eyes closed) guess what the letter is using the sense of touch.
  • Cover the letter with a sheet of goop and dig it out again.
  • See if you can make the letters stand up using the goop.
  • Sing the alphabet song while you work – Do you know any phonics songs?   Review the sound that each letter makes.
  • Make long “snakes” with the goop and form letters with them. Watch the goop meld back into a blob as your letter dissolves.


Want more molding fun?   Joy at Joyful Learner, wrote a post about how her preschooler used playdough and magnetic numbers!

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  1. LOVE this idea! We just made some goop since we had all the ingredients on hand, and the boys are having a great time. We’re going to post about it and link to you.