A tale of two pumpkin patches

Once upon a time not far from Holly’s house in a popular suburb of one of the country’s largest cities was a pumpkin patch. And by pumpkin patch Holly means a large picturesque field where pumpkins are trucked in and laid in neat rows.

flower mound pumpkin patch

Holly and her family visited and enjoyed the pumpkin patch very much. They looked forward to the following fall so that they could visit again.

The next year Holly was surprised to see the WHOLE field full of pumpkins. She couldn’t wait to go visit the super-sized pumpkin patch.

flower mound now has two pumpkin patches

Hey, wait!

It wasn’t just one pumpkin patch. It was now two.

Practically identical pumpkin patches sitting right next to each other.

Flower Mound Texas pumpkin patches both claim they are the original

Holly wasn’t the only one that noticed the phenomenon.

The pumpkin patches noticed each other.

Soon each patch had new signs:

Flower Mound pumpkin patch original vs. the first

And then some more signs:

A bunch of signs at the Flower Mound pumpkin patches

At this point some legal action took place that Holly is too tired to review and report back to you. She assumes it involved lawyers, judges and a whole bunch of pumpkin patch proceeds.

She would also like to make the following legal disclaimer: Holly has no further understanding of this case then what is obvious to the general public while driving a minivan past the patches at no more than 50 mph. Nothing drawn in marker should be construed as fact, opinion or slander.

Once the case was settled, things settled down a bit at the patches.

One of the patches received a new name!

Flower Mound pumpkin patch now named the village

And so it went for a few pumpkin seasons. The Patch and Village coexisted in a civil manner. As civil as two fighting children required to sit next to each other.

Then a new sign appeared this fall on the patch formally known as Village:

Pumpkin Village in Flower Mound is now called Pumpkin Park

It appeared they had changed their name to Park.

Why Park?

Holly thinks that it might have something to do with the fact that when you drive from town toward the Patch, you cannot tell that there are two separate pumpkin entities. All you are looking for is pumpkins and a place to park:

Pumpkin Park with minivan in Flower Mound, Texas

That Pumpkin Park is so sneaky it is downright scary.


  1. GNO Gals, Jyl and Carissa says:

    Change names? Now that is one trick that isn’t such a treat to us creatures of habit. First, competing pumpkin patches. Then, name changes. Who knows what it will be next. A corn maze? A bat cave? 🙂

    Love the pics as usual. Hope you had tons of fun. We haven’t been yet… Friday afternoon is the day for us. Think I’m a little stupid for waiting until the actual day of Halloween or what?

    So glad to see you at GNO last night! Fun chatting with you real time.

    Happy Halloween!

    jyl, Mommy Gossip ”GNO

  2. ~ Straight Shooter ~ says:

    Texas Holly, I love you!
    Texas Holly, I love your blog.
    Texas Holly, I am not a stalker.
    I promise.
    And btw, thank you for the fab markers Texas Holly!!

  3. OMG! That is just too fantastic! And I love the
    minivan, too.

  4. That is awesome!! So funny….and great illustrations!!

  5. Only you Holly. only you could take this and make it blog worthy fabulously funny and worth reading.

    Love the illustrations!

  6. That is the cleverest pumpkin patch I have ever seen. We have a pumpkin patch here embroiled in a bitter court case. When did pumpkins get so litigious?

  7. I’m so glad that Karl Rove found a new job with the Pumpkin Park!

    Love the illustrations!

  8. Terri Tiffany says:

    LOL!!!!! Really–have you published this stuff??I mean maybe you need to start a Holly’s House cartoon or something! It is fantastic!!

  9. Weaselmomma says:

    I always love your visual aids.
    Next step the sign will say “Pumpkin Park, child molester free zone” with a pic of a bad guy in a circle and a line crossing though it.

  10. Eudea-Mamia says:

    Seven-year Loyal Pumpkin Patchers here – we spit at the Park as we fly by in our 4×4 (awesome minivan, by the way). Why, you might ask?

    A couple of years ago we went to the Pumpkin Patch to buy a Christmas tree – new gig, later in the year – they were trying to serve hot cider to the patrons, but had yet to receive their “food permit.” Seriously? Why you might ask – supposedly, someone from the Pumpkin Village/Park had called to report the “violation.”

    I cannot make this stuff up, people.

  11. Happy Campers says:

    I thought the EXACT same thing too when I drove by and saw the name changed to “park”. I bet you’re right. But I refuse to go to the village/park… 🙂

  12. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Oh, The Great Pumpkin would be so sad. (At first I thought you were making a political party analogy…why can’t we all just get along?) 🙂

  13. love it. when is the book coming out?

  14. Trannyhead says:

    I think it might be because “park” and “pumpkin” have a nice little alliteration going on.

    I have to ask – which of these two entities do you patronize? Damnit I think that Pumpkin Park deserves to have somebody from the ORIGINAL patch come over and take a big dump on their biggest pumpkin. Dirty rip-off bastards.

    *yes, I am having an unusually hostile day, today, even my my own standards*

  15. thats hilarious! Clever as well…

  16. Love the illustrations…Hey, that looks like my van!
    (bat cave…hee hee)

  17. Threeboys1mommy says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Pumpkin Park’s next move will look like this

    ? The Patch formerly known as Pumpkin Park.

  18. Alitteration sells!

    But so do signs that say that they are the “First pumpkin patch as you leave town.”

    Too freaking funny. I bet the whole area is owned by two brothers that really hate each other and refuse to share what their daddy built up from his bare hands!

    I was looking for a happier ending, I guess I will just have to go to Florida and ride the real monorail, oh and to drink the water. 🙂

  19. Burgh Baby says:

    I call BULLS#%T! If the pumpkins are in perfect rows, then neither one of them is a pumpkin patch. You should have to work hard and toil to find the absolutely perfect pumpkin. No pain, no gain.

  20. I love reading your illustrations. So the Tale of Two Pumpkin Patches/Villages/Parks will resume again next year? Can’t wait to see the outcome of this LOL

  21. I love the cute little pumpkin drawings 🙂

  22. Your pics rock…If you had your own pumpkin patch you would have no trouble getting the crowds in.
    Though they might run off with one of your signs.

  23. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Oh my–I think this will end up back in court!

  24. spinning in our own direction says:

    and does anyone in their right mind actually buy pumpkins from the patch either one?? I mean seriously people save your $20 and goto walmart…

    What did you make for dinner??

  25. Ron Davison says:

    7.8% of all sales are the direct result of confusion. I’m pretty sure that they teach this in econ programs at UCLA but hide it from the rest of us simply because they don’t want us to be frightened when we realize how fragile is our economy.
    Holly – I was going to suggest that you eventually just become a reporter. So much more pleasant than normal news. But then I realized that it made more sense for you to eventually just subcontract your local paper to write portions of your blog – the texas daily news soon to be a division of junecleavernirvana.

  26. Threeundertwo says:

    Just some kind of coincidence that one is red and one is blue, right?

  27. Elaine A. says:

    I notice some resemblence as to what is going on in this country right now. Hmmmm….

    Anywho, of course you know that I know exactly where you are talking about. And I’ve only been to the original, I mean the first. I mean the… Oh forget it!

  28. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    Texasholly, I think you should write and illustrate your own children’s book, explaining to our country’s youth that they need to play nice – even if they one day rule the pumpkin kingdom. Oh, and for the sequel? Write about the rules of personal space.

  29. Salubrina says:

    it’s all fun and games til the pumpkin guts and seeds go flying. 🙂

    i think i’ve been to this pumpkin patch, village, park…..thing.

  30. Pumpkins are the sneakiest vegetables. Little known fact.

  31. Nanny Goats In Panties says:

    Fabulous, as usual.

  32. Who knew? Pumpkin politics.

  33. cassoulet cafe says:

    I just found your blog, and you are a hoot! Glad to have a new blog to follow 🙂

  34. 'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why! says:

    I know why the Pumpkin Village changed it’s name to the Pumpkin Park! Comes before Pumpkin Patch in the phone book.

  35. Heh heh. Space Age Monorail.

  36. Oh man, that sneaky pumpkin park is genius!

  37. I honestly don’t know why I’ve not been following your blog already. You are SO funny (and observant)!!

  38. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children says:

    This is a whole level of genius I’ll never reach!! TOO funny!

  39. Maggie May says:

    i love your little drawings!

  40. The Great Pumpkin will be looking for a sincere, non-litigious pumpkin patch once again this year. I think there’s one in Nigeria. If you send me $1500 I’ll take you there on my way to claim a six million dollar fortune.

  41. Your illustrated stories always crack me up. Those sneaky pumpkin people- LOL!

  42. Mrs Parks says:

    Texas Holly!
    Next year you need to come to our pumpkin patch…
    The TrailerParks Pumpkin Patch and Petting Zoo!!
    I’ll be sure and plant a special squash just for YOU!

  43. SuburbanCorrespondent says:

    I am just glad you are on top of all this…

  44. That is hysterical! I love the illustrations. Perfect!

  45. mommeeof9 says:

    Now, we don’t go to a pumpkin patch. We either pick up the pumpkins at the orchard- they have a truck load delivered, or we got to the pick your own pumpkin place and pick them off the plants. They are 29 cents per pound to pick them off the plant or 39 cents per pound to get one already picked. It was $5 for a huge pumpkin verses $4.99 for a smallish one at the grocery store.

  46. On a limb with Claudia says:

    All of our pumpkin patches have been plowed under to create a new multiplex. sigh. I’m glad you got to walk the fields! 🙂

  47. I live very near these patches. IT kills me the lengths they have gone through. Especially considering one of the patches (you know the REAL one) is much better than the other and doesn’t really have to worry.


  48. Memarie Lane says:

    so which one did you go to then? maybe pumpkin park is a place for little pumpkins to romp and play and be merry?

  49. "The Queen in Residence" says:

    That is so sneaky…
    I am so sad that we could only support our local WalMart for a pumpkin, no patches in my neck of the woods and not enterprising kid selling them on a street corner.
    Loved the signs….

  50. jill jill bo bill says:

    That is why I buy mine at the dang grocery store. I hate controversey.

  51. Nothing like pumpkin patch drama. Great story.

  52. Anna Lefler says:

    Har – this is hilarious! I covet your space-age monorail.


    :^) Anna

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hello TexasHolly,

    LOVE your blog! I will make it short & sweet. I am interested in advertising on it (http://www.junecleavernirvana.com) with a link on the sidebar.

    Please let me know if you might be interested. If we can come to a fair price, I will pre-pay for 1 year.

    Many thanks, cheers!

    All the best,
    Cassie ([email protected])

  54. The Stiletto Mom says:

    I am so late getting to this post but I had to comment. We went to the SAME PUMPKIN PATCH! OMG, I have never been so annoyed in my life. Also? The kids just had to go to both so guess who got to crawl over the fence in jeans that may have been just a little bit too snug?? It was a lovely scene. Next year, I’m going back to the patch in Celina where the pumpkin wars appear not to have started. 🙂

  55. I am new to your blog. This post is a riot. We live in the same town and always go to the first patch (excuse me, the Park) since its the first one we get too.

  56. God, you are talented. I’m sorry I’ve been scarce.

  57. Doesn’t anyone realize that neither of them is a real pumpkin patch? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Soylent Green is people! And this is just a field of overpriced pumpkins! Sorry, two fields.

    Do they at least have hayrides and fun stuff to make the inflated pumpkin price worth it?

    I should be more offended, but instead I’m kind of thinking of setting up a “pumpkin patch” in my yard…

  58. Pumpkin “Park Here.” Brilliant. I tip my witch’s hat to their marketing person.

  59. We went to the original one this week. Loved it. It’s so free! how could you not like it? but the war is kinda crazy.

  60. HA! LOVE THIS! We laugh at this “situation” every year. Each year since Z was 1 (eek this will be year 6) we go here and each year we end up at the original & every year I tell my husband I want that house. My husband and I are dying, supreme greatness Holly!

  61. I love your story telling…and the drawn pictures are priceless! LOL You’re right, that is a sneaky way to get traffic to their own pumpkin patch. I wasn’t sure at first if you were using the 2 pumpkin patches as a metaphor for something else…

  62. Ahahahaahahahahahaa…. You KILL ME! And I’ve only just “met” you! So glad I’ve found your blog. I’m a new mommy. And blogger. And I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. So I’m writing and reading. Now off to find our very own pumpkin park!!! Happy Halloweeeeeen!!


    November Grey

  63. So I just visited both of these pumpkin patches last weekend. I actually found the Pumpkin Patch Village online and drove to the address to find the two side by side which the Pumpkin Patch (original) to be pretty dang amazing I must say. Holy cow they have every cartoon character created for photo opps. The kids loved it and we plan to go back again soon. I’m actually blogging about our experience and sharing photos this weekend. Do you still visit them? I thought it was kind of odd they are side by side. Why not just join forces? *Sigh*

    1. Do you really think the Hatfields and McCoys could run a pumpkin patch together?! Never!! 🙂

  64. There must be a LOT more money in gourds than I was previously aware of:)

  65. Ive know of both of these pumpkin patches for years now… both are rediculous. I remember just a few years ago the “good” pumpkins were cheap… now prices at both places are ranging from $25 – $50 !!!!!!!!???????!!!!!! FOR A DARN PUMPKIN??????? NO THANK YOU. Was just there with the kids today. $5 for parking and a bunch of photos and jump houses and a wagon ride later… we packed up and left and stopped at the grocery store about two miles east of the patches and found ourselves 4 big beautiful pumpkins for $3 each! I think we may retire both punning patches due to extreme inflation… thx for the memories.

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