Once upon a time not far from Holly’s house in a popular suburb of one of the country’s largest cities was a pumpkin patch. And by pumpkin patch Holly means a large picturesque field where pumpkins are trucked in and laid in neat rows. flower mound pumpkin patch Holly and her family visited and enjoyed the pumpkin patch very much. They looked forward to the following fall so that they could visit again. The next year Holly was surprised to see the WHOLE field full of pumpkins. She couldn’t wait to go visit the super-sized pumpkin patch. flower mound now has two pumpkin patches Hey, wait! It wasn’t just one pumpkin patch. It was now two. Practically identical pumpkin patches sitting right next to each other. Flower Mound Texas pumpkin patches both claim they are the original Holly wasn’t the only one that noticed the phenomenon. The pumpkin patches noticed each other. Soon each patch had new signs: Flower Mound pumpkin patch original vs. the first And then some more signs: A bunch of signs at the Flower Mound pumpkin patches At this point some legal action took place that Holly is too tired to review and report back to you. She assumes it involved lawyers, judges and a whole bunch of pumpkin patch proceeds. She would also like to make the following legal disclaimer: Holly has no further understanding of this case then what is obvious to the general public while driving a minivan past the patches at no more than 50 mph. Nothing drawn in marker should be construed as fact, opinion or slander. Once the case was settled, things settled down a bit at the patches. One of the patches received a new name! Flower Mound pumpkin patch now named the village And so it went for a few pumpkin seasons. The Patch and Village coexisted in a civil manner. As civil as two fighting children required to sit next to each other. Then a new sign appeared this fall on the patch formally known as Village: Pumpkin Village in Flower Mound is now called Pumpkin Park It appeared they had changed their name to Park. Why Park? Holly thinks that it might have something to do with the fact that when you drive from town toward the Patch, you cannot tell that there are two separate pumpkin entities. All you are looking for is pumpkins and a place to park: Pumpkin Park with minivan in Flower Mound, Texas That Pumpkin Park is so sneaky it is downright scary.

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  1. Ive know of both of these pumpkin patches for years now… both are rediculous. I remember just a few years ago the “good” pumpkins were cheap… now prices at both places are ranging from $25 – $50 !!!!!!!!???????!!!!!! FOR A DARN PUMPKIN??????? NO THANK YOU. Was just there with the kids today. $5 for parking and a bunch of photos and jump houses and a wagon ride later… we packed up and left and stopped at the grocery store about two miles east of the patches and found ourselves 4 big beautiful pumpkins for $3 each! I think we may retire both punning patches due to extreme inflation… thx for the memories.

  2. So I just visited both of these pumpkin patches last weekend. I actually found the Pumpkin Patch Village online and drove to the address to find the two side by side which the Pumpkin Patch (original) to be pretty dang amazing I must say. Holy cow they have every cartoon character created for photo opps. The kids loved it and we plan to go back again soon. I’m actually blogging about our experience and sharing photos this weekend. Do you still visit them? I thought it was kind of odd they are side by side. Why not just join forces? *Sigh*