Are you throwing a New Year’s Eve party and need a super easy margarita drink?
Cordina Margarita or Mar GO rita for NYE
You can easily squeeze your margarita into a fancy NYE glass!

Pre-made Margaritas You Buy in a Bag

Or maybe you are looking for an easy way to serve frozen drinks at your next backyard BBQ! <–in that case you don’t even need the fancy glass!

Cordina New Orleans Cocktails

I was recently introduced to Cordina, a frozen alcoholic drink created by a few college buddies from New Orleans.  The idea came to them on a trip to the beach.  The concept was to create a frozen mixed drink that can be portable, just like a juice pouch.

So Many Pre-Made Margarita Choices

Their first on-the-go drink was the Mar-GO-rita. That was followed by the Strawbery Daiq-GO-ri and the Pina-GO-lada. And this year came the Watermelon Mar-GO-rita and the Choc-GO-late (Mudslide). In 2013, the Cordina light Mango, Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita will be coming out. These are only 100 calories per pouch — yum! These drinks are made with natural flavors and a 6% alcohol base — so remember to drink responsibly.

My Cordina Mar-GO-rita Experience

I was sent a box of these different drinks so I decided to try my favorite frozen drink… the Pina-GO-lada.  I must say I’m a wine girl, but whenever I visit the beach I love a Pina Colada. So I put these pouches in the freezer and tested it out.   You will have to give yourself a few minutes to thaw it out before drinking.  But once its at the perfect temperature, you can squeeze the middle and get your frozen drink.  Its very easy and neat and tastes really good.  Very refreshing!

Where to Find Margaritas

If you want to try one of these drinks for your New Year’s Eve party or your next tailgating party or even a trip to the beach, you will find them at Walgreens, Tom Thumb and Kroger. Remember you must be 21 years or older to buy these. And when you are sipping from your Cordina of choice, remember Craig Cordes and brothers Antonio and Sal La Martina sitting on a beach somewhere thinking up another really cool idea! You will want to try these New Years Eve Snacks!

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  1. CORDINA is the perfect ready to drink cocktail. Can be served over ice and frozen too! We will be serving at my New Years Eve gathering!!!