Nicholas loves mazes. If he sees a maze, he must work through it. It’s like an obsession. I often go online and just print mazes for him to keep him happy. Recently I found a neat way to throw in some math skills into his maze fun.   Check out the website Print Activities. With their counting mazes, the child starts with the number one and then must travel to the adjacent box that has the next sequential number in it. This maze is worked by counting by ones up to 100. However, this site also has mazes counting by 2,3,4, and 5. When Nicholas first realized that there was a little bit of work involved in this maze, he said that he didn’t want to do it. But he stuck it out and got the hang of it and finished it up pretty quickly. So we’re working on some of the harder mazes now. There are also lots of other great educational printouts on this site as well.   You can also check out their printable kid-friendly Crossword Puzzles, Word Scrambles, and even Sudoku, just to name a few! These activities are a fun way to for kids to stay current on their math skills throughout the summer and they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realize their are working their brains.   I mean, how can it be school work if you are having fun working an alien maze? And, if you also want to help kids improve their counting skills, here is a compilation of skip counting mazes that are ready to be downloaded and printed! Kids will be able to practice counting by 1s, 2s, 3s and 5s. P.S. We recommend laminating them so they can be used multiple times! 

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  1. awesome! can totally use these links to entertain my kids this summer when the ‘I’m Bored’ comments start to accumulate. 🙂

  2. Skip counting is great practice for multiplication–we’ll definitely be using this resource. Thanks for sharing.

  3. great find, it really is great that the internet hosts all these wonderful crafts and things to challenge children and keep them busy.