A few summers ago at the Nirvana things were a bit different. Holly had just two boys to wrangle. She had a three year old and a baby.

These were tough times because the three year old had no interest in baby things and the baby was a baby.

Holly has a smile on her face because she very smartly sat down with her regular babysitter (babysitter #1) before college dismissed to schedule some summer hours of peace.

Well, not really peace, more like a mommy-and-me swimming class with the three year old for which she had to pre-pay.

Holly was at the window watching for babysitter #1:

Holly was still at the window watching for babysitter #1 one hour after babysitter #1 was supposed to arrive and 20 minutes after the pre-paid swimming lessons had started.

Babysitter #1 never showed up that day.

Babysitter #1 never showed up any other day of that entire summer.

Holly was dumped by babysitter #1.

Enter babysitter #2.

Babysitter #2 was very sweet and showed up on day one.   Babysitter #2 was there a little early so that Holly could run some errands before pre-paid swimming lessons.

Babysitter #2 called Holly on her cell phone 15 minutes after Holly left to tell her that her son was bleeding.

A lot.

Holly called 911.

Holly turned the car around.

Holly met the ambulance at her home (Holly may have exceeded the speed limit on the way home…shhhhh).

The EMT’s assured Holly that her son had just bumped his lip and although there was a lot of blood, there was very little injury.

Holly thanked the EMTs.

Babysitter #2 thanked Holly for the work opportunity, but related that it might be a little “too stressful for her”.

Babysitter #2 dumped Holly.

Enter babysitter #3.

Quite honestly Holly can’t even remember what happened with babysitter #3.   But shortly after she started, she quit.

Babysitter #3 dumped Holly.

Holly dumped the pre-paid swimming lessons.

Holly was pretty much in the dumps.

And then the phone rang…

It was Holly’s dentist!

Holly responded as any rational person would…

well, maybe not any person…

well, maybe just like Holly would…

Yes, Holly started crying.

And then Holly started unloading on the poor person from the dentist’s office.

Yes, Holly actually said, “And if I could find a sitter I certainly wouldn’t waste it on a trip to the dentist“.

Oh no she didn’t!

Oh yes she did.

After Holly said it, she regretted it…

Until 30 minutes later…

the phone rang.

It was Holly’s dentist!

Yes, Holly’s dentist found her a babysitter.

Enter babysitter #4.

Babysitter #4 arrived right on time for the first time so that Holly could go to the dentist.

The end.

Except, for the record babysitter #4 regularly worked for Holly’s family over the next 3 years and is considered a part of the family…Katie, thanks for not dumping Holly.

*This episode of Holly’s Animated Life was originally posted on August 27, 2008.*

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  1. I wish that Holly’s Dentist would have called me when I was online dating. It would have saved me a lot of time. And self-esteem.

  2. Oh Holly…. P.S. I am glad you noted that thing was a phone and not a brown banana.

    PPS. I envy your drawring skillz.

  3. I LOVE your blog!!!! I just found you and I love it! Your animation is adorably perfect!

    I have fallen apart… with five boys and very little help, tears and mommy meltdowns certainly have helped me before. Never with my dentist nor with finding a babysitter (babysistters RUN like the wind from my chlildren!).

    If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. It is easy to find a babysitter when you have once child. When you have five, they never come back for a second round!

    Thanks for checking out my blog as well. (www.crystalandcomp.com). Splurge Salon was super nice!

  4. You win. Your dentist is WAY better than my dentist. So glad you found someone, though.

  5. Haha that is one awesome receptionist! Hope Katie is still around. Also the drawings make the blog!

  6. As someone currently in the market for just such a baby sitter I really really wish I had not read that post. (now huddled in the corner shaking and crying)

    Should I call my dentist?… Oh yeah I don’t have one anymore because I’ve never found the time to find a new one. Balls.

    1. I recommend breaking down to any random caller…maybe telemarketers could be put to good use finding you a sitter…and maybe even a dentist.