Julia over at Roots of Simplicity created a terrific craft activity with her preschoolers.   She dyed Pistachio shells and other fun pasta shapes to use as mosaic materials.   With some twigs to create a frame, they had fun creating different images and patterns before glueing their “framed works”.   This is definitely on our list of crafts to do!   Thanks Julia for guest posting!

We finally completed the gluing process with our dyed pistachio shells!   First the kids and I made some framed art.   Theirs turned out to be more abstract than my floral design above.


To find out how we colored the pistachio shells and pasta, see Part 1 of this craft.

Materials for Colored Pistachio Shell Art:
  • colored pistachio shells and/or pasta
  • Elmer’s Glue All
  • white paper
  • straight twigs, broken and cut to fit the edges of the paper

The napkin rings were a solo project that I did.   Hot glue and little fingers don’t mix.   The blue denim should match my mother’s kitchen colors.   I will choose a different fabric to wrap the cardboard rings if I make a set for myself.

Materials for Colored Pistachio Shell Napkin Rings:
  • colored pistachio shells
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • long fabric strip or ribbon (I used denim from old size 4T jeans)
  • cardboard tube, cut into sections
  • buttons (mine were salvaged from a stained shirt)

Thanks again Julia for guest posting!   I love your craft ideas!

Pssst… check out this cool Easy Mosaic Art for Kids: Make a Rainbow Craft from a Paper Plate!

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