in defense of pirates

About 6 months ago I started playing Words with Friends on a regular basis.   It was really just blog-Stedman and I playing each other playing multiple games and often sitting in the same room.

As time went on we both added games with family and friends (clever name, eh?) and I got to the completely unfair limit of 20 Words with Friends games which means if you and I are playing a game that ends, I can’t invite you to play again.

Enter Words with Pirates.

The game.

I thought Words with Pirates was a joke to coincide with Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrated internationally on September 19, but it is NO joke, my friend.   I was challenged to a game by Capt. Brando at the local Tweet Up last week.   Of course I accepted…it was a challenge.

Yep, I am swashbuckling in a pirate duel.   Stand back so I don’t accidentally hit you with my hook.

Words with Pirates is like Scrabble except instead of getting the letters A-Z, you get the letters A, G, H, R, Y and !.   Scrabble should really consider adding an exclamation point…who hasn’t wanted to add a “!” to a particularly brilliant move?

All the words you can make in Words with Pirates are a variation on “argh”   You can add a consonant at the beginning, unlimited R’s in the middle and emphasize it with punctuation.

It is like Words with Friends for Dummies.

When I say that, I actually feel a little sorry for the pirates.   Who is standing up for the pirates?   Who is saying “Hey!   Pirates might not be the smartest people on the planet, but their dictionary has more than 4 words emphasized with punctuation!”

Where is the pirate anti-defamation league?

Poor, poor pirates.



  1. This is awesome…I must go play. Well, once I leave work, I mean.

    Thanks for sharing!!! I’m going to share this with my readers during my weekend roundup tomorrow so they can play too!

  2. I’ve never heard of this one before, how fun. I’m addicted to words with friends…must go check this out!

  3. Maybe I’ll take up the cause against Blackberry Prejudice. Separate is not equal. We don’t have no stinkin’ Words with Friends! (exclamation! point!)

  4. What’s your WWF handle? I’d love to start a game. I’m addicted as well. I usually have the full limit of games going!

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